Weekly Update — July 21, 2014

We Will NOT Conform!Glenn Beck’s nationally publicized “interactive” Common Core event is tonight in theaters across America at 8:00 p.m. “We Will Not Conform” comes from the title of his recently published book on Common Core, entitled, “Conform”.
E-mail your friends to meet at the theaters and view it together. If you live in Atlantic County, meet us at the Regal Hamilton Commons Stadium 14 4215 Black Horse Pike, Mays Landing, NJ?08330.? For more information, go to: We Will Not Conform!
Please use this event and the time this summer to wake up your friends and neighbors to the danger that is Common Core, not only to our children and our educational system, but also to our very system of governance. Bring a friend!

Christie Executive Order on Common Core is?dirty-deal/power grab!
On July 14, Governor Christie issued an executive order concerning Common Core. This EO followed intense negotiations between Senate President Steve Sweeney (and Gubernatorial wannabe), the NJEA, and the Governor, and it completely circumvented your elected representatives in the Legislature.

As you may know, an Assembly bill passed last month that would have created a Statewide commission to study many aspects of Common Core, and also hold hearings around the State. It did NOT delay the implementation of the PARCC tests the Standards, as some of us had desired. (Mind you, five states have completely pulled out of Common Core recently). The Assembly bill passed with only two “nays” and two abstentions.

When the Senate version was posted for a floor vote, it was pulled on THREE separate occasions (rather unusual, I’m told). It was pulled because the Governor was going to veto it, and there weren’t enough Republican votes for an override.

Hence the Executive Order. However, the EO is even more watered down than the bills. It merely creates a commission to study the testing, and ignores other important issues such as student data mining, the costs, the imposition of federalized education, the comparison of the Standards with previous State Standards, the corporate connections (Bill Gates and Pierson Publishing), and the PARCC tests.

We would encourage you to call the Governor’s office and express your “sentiments”. As the Governor had stated at a Town Hall before the Executive Order was issued, a law is forever, and an EO can be revoked or changed if need arises. NOT an acceptable answer!? (Thanks to www.morrispatriots.org for this Common Core update.)

Regular weekly Breakfast Discussion this Saturday, July 26 from 9:30 to 10:30, Shore Diner,? 6710 Tilton Road (at Fire Road by Parkway Exit 36), Egg Harbor Township, NJ.?? No charge–just pay?for your breakfast and tip your waitress. (3 reduced price breakfast specials for Liberty and Prosperity)

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Save this date for Richard Somers:??Saturday, September 13 at 1PM.? We will remember Richard Somers near his home in Somers Point.??? Somers and the 12 volunteers on his ship Intrepid were heroes in America?s first war against Muslim Jihad in 1804.Please let us know if you can help us put this year?s event together.

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