Weekly Update – July 24, 2011

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Special Meet and Greet? for the founders of ‘TEA for Education’ -This
Wednesday,? July 27, from 4PM to 5:30 P.M.?? Shore Diner, Tilton and Fire
Roads, by Parkway Exit 36, Egg Harbor Township? (No admission charge-just
pay for your own snack/beverage off the menu.)

TEA for Education is a very effective national group that proposes
legislation to bring free-market principles to public education.?? Bruce
Gardner and Beverly Elliott, the founders of this group,? will be in New
Jersey next week for a major event with Anna Little in North Jersey.?? They
are making a special trip to introduce their program to us in South Jersey.
Every school board member and parent concerned about private, parochial, or
charter schools-and reforming public schools– should learn about ‘TEA for
Education’.??? Bruce Gardner and Beverly Elliott are also very good at
hard-ball Tea Party politics, and have an important message for every
taxpayer.?? See their website at http://www.teaforeducation.com/.

Bruce Gardner and Beverly Elliott will also be guests on the Liberty and
Prosperity? radio program on? 1400AM, WOND (New Jersey Shore from Long Beach
Island to Cape May) this Wednesday, July 27, from 3PM to 4PM.

Other important issues this week:

1. “In a few short days, our Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo will make
the most important vote of his career. He will either vote ‘yes’ to raise
the federal government debt ceiling of $14.2 trillion ($14,200,000,000,000),
thus letting the federal government borrow about $2 trillion more during the
next two years, or he will vote ‘no.’

2.”Too many alcoholics and drug addicts hit rock bottom before they come to
terms with their addiction. They first have to lose their health, their
families, their jobs and their money.? Will this country have to hit rock
bottom before our politicians deal with our government’s addiction to
borrowed money? Or will Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo vote ‘no’ on
raising the debt ceiling in the days ahead?

3.”You can reach Congressman Frank LoBiondo at (800) 471-4450, (609)
625-5008, or (202) 225-6572.?? Or you can e-mail him through his website at:

4.For complete Seth Grossman column as published in the Current and Gazette
Newspapers, go to

5.?? During this week of record heat, we need? lots of electric power for our
air conditioners-especially in the casinos!??? Three of the five wind
turbines in Atlantic City were barely moving, two did not move at al.
Flags hung limp throughout South Jersey.???? We? pay $650 every time wind
turbines produce $60 worth of electricity-when we don’t need the power!
But we do need power, we have to pay extra to quickly crank up coal and gas
power plants when the wind doesn’t blow.?? This cost is added to our
electric bills.?? New Jersey has the fourth highest electric rates in the
country.??? And yet Republicans like Governor Christie, Tom Kean, Jr., and
Joe Kyrillos joined with Democrats like Steve Sweeney to spend billions of
even more expensive wind turbines in the ocean!!!??? The only way to stop
this is to win primary elections in June.

6.?? Students hit with another 5% tuition hike at Stockton.???? Rowan College
raised its tuition by “only” 3%.?? Rutgers cut a planned 3.2% increase in
half to make it? 1.6%.???? But Stockton, which just borrowed $225 million
for its new “wow” student center , the new 65,000 square foot science
center, buying and fixing up the Seaview Country Club and Hotel,? buildings
in Hammonton, Atlantic City, Next-Gen, etc.?? It has to whack its students
with another 5% tuition hike.

7.?? In other news, Stockton just got an “anonymous” gift of $1 million last
month so that selected students get reduced tuition.??? A few weeks later,
Stockton announced personnel changes at its “William J. Hughes Center for
Public Policy”.??? This special agency studies “economic, social, and
cultural issues facing southern New Jersey”, and recommends “solutions”.
In the past, those “solutions” always included bigger government, more
borrowing, more spending, more laws, and more regulations.??? Liberty and
Prosperity has never been invited to participate in projects at the college,
although we often expressed an interest in doing so.?? Who is the
“anonymous” donor??? Why is he anonymous??? Any dots to connect?

8.?? Absecon Residents learn about liberty the hard way.???? Our third basic
principle is “Make tax and zoning laws fair, simple, and apply them equally
to everyone”.??? A few years ago, Absecon ignored that principle to make a
special zoning for? “affordable housing” for “senior citizens” who would
“pay full taxes” but “not burden the school system”.???? At the time, this
didn’t bother Absecon residents in a neighborhood so carefully zoned that
they? can’t even put a deck in their backyard without a special zoning
variance.? Now, it looks like they have a? big high density, low income
Section 8, housing project in the middle of their neighborhood!

9.?? Save the Date:?? Saturday, September 17.??? We are again working with the
Somers Point Historical Society to remember Richard Somers, the hero of
Somers Point who died fighting Arab terrorists, when Thomas Jefferson was
President.??? There will be a ceremony at 3PM, followed by our annual
fundraising buffet.?? Tickets will be $25 per person, $30 per couple.
Please volunteer to help us put this event together.

WEDNESDAYS 3PM-4PM (AFTER RUSH LIMBAUGH) ON 1400 AM.? (If you can’t get 92.1
FM on your radio, go to? http://wvlt.com/listenlive.html.? 1400 AM can also
be heard on? the? Internet at? http://tunein.com/tuner/?StationId=21757&.
(To sponsor a portion of our program, contact Seth Grossman at 609-927-7333)

(Meetings start and end promptly)?? Shore Diner, Tilton & Fire Roads (near
Parkway Exit 36), Egg Harbor Township.??? No admission, but breakfast order
12.Liberty and Prosperity Ten Point Program for 2011:
? I.? No eminent domain for private gain.
?II.? Enforce federal immigration laws.?? No amnesty.?? Deport illegal
?III.? Make tax and zoning laws fair, simple, and apply them equally to
?IV.? Cut taxes by cutting government spending.
?V.? Post all government salaries, contracts and budgets online.
?VI.? Repudiate (refuse to pay) all state government debts incurred without
voter approval in violation of our State Constitution.? Repudiate all
federal government debts incurred for purposes not permitted by Article I,
Section 8 of our Federal Constitution.
VII.? Bring “government of the people, by the people, and for the people”
back to our public schools and local governments.?? Let parents apply
taxpayer money spent to educate their children to the qualified schools they
choose.? Don’t force public employees to pay dues to unions they don’t want
to join.? Let elected officials again decide what salaries, pensions, and
benefits to pay our public “servants”.
?VIII. Hold frequent non-binding referendums (public votes) on all issues of
public importance.
?IX. Term limits for all elected officials.? Pensions for none.
? X. Audit, reform or abolish the Federal Reserve Banking System and have
Congress establish a stable currency secured by precious metals or assets
with recognized and stable values.? Have the United States withdraw from the
International Monetary Fund (IMF) and any organization which purports to
require the U.S. Government to spend money without appropriation by Congress
pursuant to the U.S.
Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc. is a non-profit, education organization.
We are registered and recognized by both the State of New Jersey and the IRS
as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity.? “Our mission is to learn and teach why
‘Liberty and Prosperity’, New Jersey’s motto since 1776, is still true and
relevant today — and how Americans can again be free and effective

MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS:? Voting Members:? $60 dues; attend 3 business
meetings per year; work on one board approved project per year.?? Non-Voting
Members:? $30 per year; no attendance or volunteer requirements.

If you agree with our mission, please sharethis message
to your friends and family.?? Thanks!
Respectfully submitted:?? Seth Grossman, Executive Director,
http://www.libertyandprosperity.org??? 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ
08244, sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

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