Weekly Update – July 7, 2012


1.? Thanks for making our presentation such a success at the July 4 Parade in Galloway Township.? Although?so many of our people were unavailable because of storm damage and lack of electricity, we still had more than 25 marchers, including drummers Matt Lewis and Adam Myers.??? Doug Stroz, Tim Phelans, Bruce Barkoff, and Dennis Mahon made sure everyone was equipped with sash, pole, and liberty cap, and that we marched with a semblance of order and discipline.?? Roughly 6,000 people lined the sidewalks and many applauded as we marched by.


3. ?Special Guest for Breakfast Discussion this? Saturday, July 14 from 9:30AM to 10:30AM at the Shore Diner.? Tilton and Fire Roads in Egg Harbor Township.?? Keith Davis?Atlantic County Republican Chairman.??? Are established Republican leaders willing to treat ?Tea Party? conservatives as equals??? Will they give ?Tea Party? conservatives patronage jobs?or choose them as party candidates?????? Or are we only useful to help established Republican candidates get elected, and then ignored after the election???? The answer depends on how strong, disciplined, and effective Keith Davis thinks we are.????? Needless to say, Keith Davis will be counting how many people show up on Saturday, and sharing that information with other Republican leaders.? So let?s have a respectable turnout on Saturday!

4.? Business Meeting:? Saturday, July 14th at 10:45 A.M., right after 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM Breakfast Discussion.?? Shore Diner, Tilton & Fire Roads, Egg Harbor Township by Parkway Exit 36.??? Seth Grossman Radio Program on 92.1 FM Vineland heard in South Jersey, Northern Delaware and Philadelphia Saturday morning from 8AM to 9AM.

5.? ?Become a full voting member of LibertyAndProsperity.org!??? Dues are $60 per year, attend 3 business meetings each year, and work on at least one volunteer project each year.??? Or be a non-voting supporting member for just $30 per year, with no other?commitment

6.? The Bayside Tea Party Group called for a statewide summit of Tea Party groups on Saturday, July 14. If you want to represent LibertyAndProsperity.org at that meeting, please contact sethgrossman49@gmail.com.?? Our message to other ?Tea Party? conservatives has not changed:

A.? Support the most conservative candidates that are running in this year?s election, to get training, experience, and contacts from their people.

B. ?Actively oppose putting New Jersey deeper in debt, by urging ?No? vote on the ballot question to borrow $750 million for college Construction.??? (Stockton College already borrowed $221 million to bail out a failed country club, opera house, library, museum, and synagogue, and spent $50 million on a new ?Wow? student center.).

C. Actively demand the repudiation (refusal to pay) of all debt incurred without voter approval as required by Article 8, Section 2 of New Jersey Constitution?including the new Transportation Trust Fund scam.??? ALL of the state gasoline tax you now pay is spent on debt?NOTHING is spent to fix or improve roads.? And then there is the NJ Mortgage Foreclosure Bailout bill, which Governor Christie has not yet vetoed.

D.? ?Actively demand the repeal of legislation that raises our electric bills to pay for windmills and solar panels– $600 for $50 worth of electricity?even when it is not needed.

E.?? Encourage conservatives in every County to run for state senate, assembly, and freeholder next year, but to?get practice, skills, contacts, and name recognition this year by doing? A, B, and C? now.

7. Tea Party ?Wife Swap?.?? Seth Grossman and leaders of several other New Jersey recently received this message from Candra Nazzaro, a casting director for a reality TV show:

?I am a casting producer for ABC Television’s hit reality show, “Wife Swap,” and we are currently casting all types of families for the show, including a Tea Party family! Casting is taking place nationwide, and producers will be meeting interested families this month!

?This is a great opportunity for the Tea Party organization to get their message out and show not just another family, but the whole nation, why they have their beliefs, lifestyles and are so involved with trying to make changes.

?In case you are unfamiliar with the show, the premise of “Wife Swap” is to take two different families and have the Mom’s switch places to experience how another family lives. Half the week, the mom lives the life of the family she is staying with. Then she introduces a “rule change” where she implements rules and activities her family has. It’s a positive experience for people to not only learn, but teach other families another way of life.

“I have attached both our casting flier and press release to this email and would love to spread the word to all the Tea Party organizations and members, so they can have the opportunity to apply for the show, or nominate a family who might be interested. You are welcome to post our flier and press release and/or forward it along to anybody/any groups who might be interested. Don’t hesitate to contact me directly at 424-214-4609 or email candra.nazzaro@zodiackusa.com.

?? ?Candra Nazzaro, Casting Producer, ABC “Wife Swap”, Zodiak USA, P: 424-214-4609/F: 310-460-4494“Many people in other Tea Party groups are afraid the series is designed to make our people ?look stupid?.? Candra Nazzaro responded by saying ?if you don?t act stupid, you don?t look stupid?.?? Whoever refers a family who is chosen by the program gets $1,000.??? If you would like to audition for this program and want to name LibertyAndProsperity.org as the referring group, please contact sethgrossman49@gmail.com.8.? New Zealand conservative Trevor Louden has arranged to speak to us in Atlantic County on Wednesday, August 29, at 6PM.??? We thank Brenda Roames of http://www.greenwichteaparty.com/? for getting access to this brilliant speaker, and making him available to us.?? Mark Hutchinson, our ?Liberty at the Movies? program chairman will be working out details of time and place.??? If you would like to help organize this event, please contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

9.? Did you know that Republican President Herbert Hoover was a ?Progressive? disciple of Progessive Democrat President Woodrow Wilson????? Even many conservatives don?t know that.?? But look at his biography at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Herbert_Hoover.

?After the United States entered the war in April 1917, President?Woodrow Wilson?appointed Hoover to head the?U.S. Food Administration. . . ?Hoover provided aid to the defeated German nation after the war, as well as relief to famine-stricken?Bolshevikcontrolled areas of Russia in 1921, despite the opposition of?Senator?Henry Cabot Lodge and other Republicans. When asked if he was not thus helping Bolshevism, Hoover retorted, “Twenty million people are starving. Whatever their politics, they shall be fed!”. In July 1922, Soviet author?Maxim Gorky?wrote to Hoover:
‘Your help will enter history as a unique, gigantic achievement, worthy of the greatest glory, which will long remain in the memory of millions of Russians whom you have saved from death’.? Hoover confronted a world of political possibilities when he returned home in 1919.?Democratic Party?leaders saw him as a potential Presidential candidate, and President Wilson privately preferred Hoover as his successor. “There could not be a finer one,” asserted?Franklin D. Roosevelt, then a rising star from New York. Hoover briefly considered becoming a Democrat, but he believed that 1920 would be a Republican year.?

14.?? Please preview Seth Grossman?s proposed column for the Current and Gazette newspapers and give him your corrections, criticisms, and suggestions as sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

Some 14 years ago, Ike Rucker, Marty Russell and a few other local veterans got together and organized a parade on July 4th in the Smithville section of Galloway Township.

According to their official website at http://www.galloway4thofjulyparade.com, they wanted to get young people involved, and teach them to learn about, honor, and respect the people who served in our military.???? They chose to hold the parade on July 4th, rather than Memorial Day or Veterans Day to associate military service with our Declaration of? Independence and Constitution.

Over the years, the Galloway Independence Day parade grew into the largest in New Jersey.?? This year, about 1,000 people marched? the mile long parade route along Smithville and Quail Hill Boulevards, while more than 6,000 people, young and old, lined the sidewalks.

According to the program book, I was supposed to comment on the Declaration of? Independence at ceremony to be held after the parade at the Village Greene in Smithville.?? I was told to be brief, and so I carefully prepared these remarks so they could be delivered in less than three minutes:

?Let us not forget, that on this day, 236 years ago, 56 men, representing 13 British colonies in America met in Philadelphia, and signed the Declaration of Independence, the document that created our nation.? Five of those men were from New Jersey.?? One was Richard Stockton.

?The last sentence of that document ?just above their signatures stated that those 56 men mutually pledged to each other their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor.?? That was no exaggeration.? The moment they signed that document, each of those 56 men committed the crime of treason against? the British government.?? The penalty was not only a ?cruel and unusual? traitor?s death, but also the seizure of all property.?? It also meant ?attainder?, the punishment and impoverishment of ?other family members including wives and children.

?It took eight years of war, hunger, and suffering to make their declaration a reality.? Most of those 56 men did lose everything.

?Years later, Abraham Lincoln remarked that this Declaration of Independence? did much? more than simply separate us from our mother country.

?We Americans and the English always shared the same language, history, and culture.

?But on July 4, 1776, we Americans declared that we had ?a unique ?understanding and love of certain basic principles of liberty that were not shared by the English nor anyone else in the world.

?We Americans alone held these truths to be self-evident:?? That ?each one of us is created equal and? endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.

?That among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.?? And that to secure these rights, we institute governments that derive their just powers with the consent of the governed.

?That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, ?we the people have the right to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government , laying its foundation on such principles.?

?These words were unanimously agreed to by the 56 men who represented each of the thirteen colonies in Philadelphia on July 4, 1776.

?One? month later, the legislature of the newly independent state of New Jersey met, and chose a new symbol for our state.?? That symbol depicted two ladies standing side by side.???? One represented liberty—the other prosperity.

?Back then, almost every American understood that all the wealth, safety, and comfort we enjoyed? here were made possible by one thing?this unique culture and government of liberty that existed nowhere else in the world.

?Knowing what those first Americans did to give us our liberty and prosperity, let us also pledge our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor to secure liberty and prosperity for our children and grandchildren?.

At the last minute, I was told that there was no time for me to make these remarks.?? Most of the ceremony was instead devoted to recognizing the sacrifices made by American soldiers in Korea and Vietnam.

It is important that we do this.? But this should be done on Memorial Day or Veterans Day?national holidays set aside for that purpose.

On Independence Day, July 4, we should remind ourselves and our children why our country was created in the first place.?? Only then can our young people understand what is so special about America and our way of life.? And why military service is sometimes needed to defend them.


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