Weekly Update – November 12, 2009

Weekly Update – November 12, 2009

This Saturday, November 14: 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM.


2. Our live, two-way radio program is back! Listen this Saturday morning on 92.1FM Vineland from 8AM to 9AM. 92.1 FM is heard clearly in most of South Jersey from Philadelphia to Atlantic City, and most points south. The on-air call-in number is 856-696-0092.

3. A lot of good news in the election, even though very few “liberty” candidates were elected. Republican Governor-elect Christie knows he was losing until he got enthusiastic support from the Lonegan people in the last ten days. In Cape May County, Republicans Donahue and McCann lost because they refused to work with Lonegan people. (Besides not reminding voters of how Senator Jeff Van Drew introduced Governor Corzine at the Middle Township ?Town Hall Meeting? where Steve Lonegan and Seth Grossman were arrested, Donohue and McCann did not come to our Richard Somers ceremony—but Democrats Albano and Mylam did!) Would Cape May County Republicans rather lose, than work with ?liberty and prosperity? people and win?

4. Mission Accomplished? At least in Atlantic County? Our www.libertyandprosperity.org web site shows that Atlantic County voted against the $400 million ballot question 28,451 ?No? to 24,803 ?Yes?. The state voted “yes” by 60,000 votes, with most of the “Yes” votes in the urban counties of Bergen, Camden, Essex, and Hudson. Only 7 of New Jersey?s 21 counties voted ?No?. There were close votes in nearby Cape May and Cumberland Counties. Our mission is to change the political culture of New Jersey, and it looks like Atlantic County, by voting “No” again is now a conservative-liberty county. But our main Republican political leaders, LoBiondo, Levinson, Polistina, and Amodeo insist on pushing liberal programs like cash-for-clunkers, Boscov bailouts, etc. Ironically, Democrat leaders like Whelan, Van Drew, Albano and Milam campaign as conservatives?and win. Liberty and Prosperity is not a political organization. Our job is only to change the political culture and make it possible for candidates who support American liberty to win. We have done that. Will this change of culture lead to a change in political leaders? That is up to individual candidates!

5. Congratulations to Ron Brittin and Chris Marrero of Gloucester County. They won the June primary as Lonegan candidates for freeholder and Sheriff. They then took on the Steve Sweeney Democratic political machine in November. These Lonegan Republicans got 37,000 votes each and shook the Sweeney political machine to its core. With just a little help from out of the county, they could have made it. Susan Badaracco and her Lonegan team made a very strong showing in their race for Cherry Hill city council. In Atlantic City, Jesse Kurtz lost, but he proved that it is now possible for a conservative Republican to win an election in a mostly minority Democratic city.

6. Will Chris Christie cut taxes and government spending and bring liberty, then prosperity back to New Jersey? The best way to predict future performance is to look at past behavior. To learn the past behavior of New Jersey Republicans, go to this week?s article in the Current-Gazette newspapers at http://www.shorenewstoday.com/news.php?id=5591 or go to our website at www.libertyandprosperity.org.

7. Liberty at the Movies: We will show ?The Great Global Warming Swindle? on Monday, November 23 @ 6:30 PM at the Mays Landing Library, Main Street, Mays Landing, New Jersey. There is no charge, but donations are encouraged to keep this program going. This is a VERY powerful and informative move. Click here for the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sVLBnhSu4TY.

8. Two of our members, Charles Lukens of Ventnor, and Peter Boyce of Millville are attending the Continental Congress 2009 in St. Charles, Illinois. For details including a live webcam of what is taking place, go to http://www.givemeliberty.org/. The New Jersey delegation is in the front row at the two tables on the right.

9. Should Atlantic City government borrow $150 million, use that money for improvements to benefit only the Revel Casino, and then have that money paid back with future property taxes to be paid by the Revel Casino? It looks like this plan is backed by both Corzine Democrats, and Republicans Christie, Amadeo and Polistina. This ?public-private partnership? thinking is what destroyed our economy. At some point, we must get business out of government, and government out of business. Notice how the politicians planned to have this issue come up when most of us will be busy with Christmas and Thanksgiving.

10. The Infrastructure Project: Who runs your local government? Do you know the names of your local mayor, council/committee/commission members? Do you know when their terms are up? Do you have their telephone numbers and e-mail addresses so you can contact them if you wanted to? Do you know the members of your local school boards, and their contact information? Do you know when their terms are up? If you are a Democrat, do you know the names, phone numbers of the county committee members for your district? If you are a Republican, do you know how to reach your county committee members? If you are an informed and effective citizen, you should know this information? Can you take the time to find out this information for your town, and then forward that information to me at grossman@snip.net? So far, only a handful of our members have responded.

11. It is corny and old fashioned. But it is interesting and describes how our country got into this mess. Why not take the time to show this 1948 cartoon that explains the American system of liberty: http://nationaljuggernaut.blogspot.c…d-in-1948.html.

12. Liberty and Prosperity Lawnsigns and Billboards: We are now designing 4? x 8? large lawnsigns that say: ?No Liberty?No Prosperity, LibertyandProsperity.org, (609) 927-7333. If you own any land along a well travelled road, please contact us, and give us permission to post one of those signs there. We also posted our meetings on www.meetup.com. If you can help get our message and meeting notices on other networking sites, please let me know. Thanks.

13. By the way, thanks to your efforts, an average of more than 200 people now visit www.libertyandprosperity.org each day, double what it was just a few months ago. Our web site alone is now making an impact! Our webmaster is Jesse Kurtz of Atlantic City.

“Liberty and Prosperity 1776, Inc. is a non-profit, education organization. We are registered and recognized by both the State of New Jersey and the IRS as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charity. Our mission is to learn and teach why ‘Liberty and Prosperity’, New Jersey’s motto since 1776, is still true and relevant today — and how Americans can again be free and effective citizens.”

13. We need your help. We need your money and your time. We need you to be a member and help decide what projects we should work on. MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Voting Members: $60 dues, Attend 3 business meetings per year, Work on one board approved project per year. Non-Voting Members: $30 per year, not attendance or volunteer requirements.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director, www.libertyandprosperity.org,
453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244,

Tel. 609-927-7333.
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