Weekly Update – October 7, 2012


1. ? ? ? ? ?We have one more week to get everyone we know registered to vote.? The deadline is October 16?21 days before the election.? Last week, we incorrectly gave the old deadline of 30 days.?? You can get voter registration forms at any county building, City Hall or Township Hall, or online at? http://www.state.nj.us/state/elections/voting-information-voter-registration-forms.html.

2. ? ? ? ? ?Recent polls show that voters over age 40 overwhelmingly plan to vote for Republican Romney.?? Voters under age 40 overwhelmingly plan to vote for Democrat Obama.??? Younger voters are told to vote for Obama in their public schools, colleges, an on the www.yahoo.com, www.aol.com, (huffington post), and www.google.com ?news?.?? But you can also reach these voters?they are your kids, grandkids, nieces, nephews, and co-workers.??? If millions of us each persuade just one young voter, we can change history!

3. ? ? ? ? ?Thanks for the many comments correcting Seth Grossman when he compared state and local Republican officials who failed to speak up for and defend the Romney-Ryan ticket to ?linebackers who don?t protect their quarterback?.??? Grossman now understands that linebackers are on defense?it is the ?offensive line? that is supposed to protect the quarterback.

4. ? ? ? ? ?The ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, and Associated Press (Daily Newspapers) showed their bias beyond any doubt after last week?s first Presidential Debate.??? They could not report that Obama? did well in the debate, because 67 million people saw Obama get clobbered by Romney.??? But did you notice how all these networks reported everything Obama could have said to win the debate?

5. ? ? ? ? ?For example, all these ?news? networks were ?surprised? and ?disappointed? that Obama did not attack Romney for previously claiming that? ?47% of Americans don?t pay federal income tax? and are dependent on the federal government?.???? But every lawyer knows there are three? good reasons why Obama didn?t bring that up.?? First,? a lot of Americans were shocked and angry to learn that so many people don?t pay taxes and get government benefits.?? Second, a lot of Americans understand that while 95 people can easily pull a wagon carrying 4 people, it is very hard for 53 people to pull a wagon carrying 47 people?and that many of those 53 people now pulling the wagon for the other 47 are doing everything they can to stop pulling, and get a seat on the wagon themselves. ?This cannot go on much longer. ?And? third, Obama knew that Romney was expecting Obama to bring up that issue, and was prepared to explain it.

6. ? ? ? ? ?Pay attention to the two state ballot questions this November 6.??? For the statewide sample ballot, go to:? http://vote-nj.org/forVoters.aspx?State=NJ.

7. ? ? ? ? ??Public Question No. 1 – Constitutional Amendment Allowing Contributions To Be Taken From Justices’ And Judges’ Salaries For Their Employee Benefits

?Do you approve an amendment to the New Jersey Constitution, as agreed to by the Legislature, to allow contributions set by law to be taken from the salaries of Supreme Court Justices and Superior Court Judges for their employee benefits?? Yes__? No___?

Explanation:??? Last year, Republican Governor Christie and the Democrat controlled legislature passed laws forcing all state and local government employees, including judges, to pay more into their pension fund.

However, Article VI, Section 6, Paragraph 6 states:?? ?The Justices of the Supreme Court and the Judges of the Superior Court shall receive for their services such salaries as may be provided by law, which shall not be diminished during the term of their appointment?.

Last year, several judges correctly objected to paying more for their pensions.? They said this ?diminished? their salaries in violation of the NJ Constitution.?? Instead of promptly moving to amend the Constitution, Republican Governor Christie and the Democrats tried to ignore it.?? As a result, there was an embarrassing lawsuit that forced the Supreme Court judges to rule on their on salaries, and declare the added pension contributions to be unconstitutional for judges.?? So now, one year later, Christie and the Democrats are finally amending the Constitution like they should have done in the first place.

8. ? ? ? ? ?Public Question No. 2 ? ?Building Our Future Bond Act

?Do you approve the “Building Our Future Bond Act”? This bond act authorizes the State to issue bonds in the aggregate principal amount of $750 million to provide matching grants to New Jersey’s colleges and universities. Money from the grants will be used to build, equip and expand higher education facilities for the purpose of increasing academic capacity.? Yes____?? No_____?.

Explanation:? New Jersey is already two hundred and eighty two billion dollars in debt.?? About two hundred billion dollars was borrowed.?? The other eighty-two billion dollars is for pensions that politicians promised to retired government employees without putting money aside to pay for them.That comes to roughly thirty-two thousand dollars for every man, woman, and child in New Jersey, or about one hundred twenty-eight thousand dollars for a family of four.???? Most New Jersey families now owe more for their share of state government debt than they owe on their home mortgages.
All of the Democrats in Trenton and most Republicans say we need to borrow more money to pay for expensive union construction projects at state colleges.
But Stockton College just borrowed borrowed two hundred million dollars.?? Most of that money paid for things like a lavish student center and executive offices, to buy and renovate the old Seaview Country Club.

To pay for all this, Stockton College hiked its tuition every year, and put many students and their parents deeply into debt.
But you have the power to stop this.??? The New Jersey Constitution requires voter approval of a special ballot question this November before the state can borrow this money.

9. ?Should you vote ‘yes’ to borrow seven hundred fifty million dollars more?? And should New Jersey state colleges match that borrowing to spend $1.5 billion on high priced union construction projects????? Vote ‘yes’ if you don?t think New Jersey is already too deep in debt.?? Vote ‘yes’ if you think we need higher taxes and tuition.? Vote ‘yes if you think we need even more young people putting themselves and their families into debt to spend four to six years being indoctrinated, while learning little more than what they should have learned in high school.?? Otherwise, vote ‘no’.

Because both Republican and Democrat leaders support more borrowing, spending, and debt, the newspapers and TV have been completely silent about this ballot question. ?You can change this by using this information to call talk radio, and writing letters to the editor.

10. ?Example of College Indoctrination:?? One of our members just gave us this assignment from a college in Atlantic County:

?Environmental Concerns Lab: 1. Visit timeforchange.org/what-is-a-carbon-footprint-definition. What is a carbon footprint? 2. Please visit http://www.myfootprint.org/ and complete the quiz to calculate your footprint?. ?(WHAT GRADE WOULD YOU GET IF YOU SAID CARBON DIOXIDE IS A NATURAL COMPOUND THAT EVERY ANIMAL, INCLUDING US, BREATHES OUT, AND THAT EVERY GREEN PLANT NEEDS TO LIVE?AND THAT EVERY GREEN PLANT BREAKS DOWN THAT COMPOUND AND RELEASES PURE OXYGEN BACK INTO THE AIR?)

?Please visit www.climatehotmap.org/index.html. Define what a fingerprint and a harbinger is in terms of global warming.? Select two fingerprints and two harbingers. List their location and summarize why are considered a harbinger/fingerprint.? ?Is sea level rising? If yes, describe the rise and what is causing the change? (WHAT ANSWER WOULD YOU GET IF YOU SAID TEMPERATURES AND SEA LEVELS HAVE BEEN RISING SINCE THE END OF THE LAST ICE AGE 10,000 YEARS AGO, AND THAT MANY SCIENTISTS THINK NOAH?S FLOOD PROBABLY TOOK PLACE 6,000 YEARS AGO WHEN THE MEDITERRANEAN SEA OVERFLOWED AND CREATED THE BLACK SEA.)

11. ? ? ? ? ?Shae Dailyda gets on the job training.?? Although we urge everyone in our group to run for public office, Shae Dailyda is our only member who is a candidate in the November 6, election.? She is running for Egg Harbor Township School Board.

12. ? ? ? ? ?Years ago, almost every American learned the skills needed to be an effective candidate at an early age.? Almost American was an active member of a volunteer organization that ran a church, synagogue, charity, sports club, fraternal group, volunteer fire department, etc.??? Now, paid professionals run most of these groups.?? Very few Americans today are skilled in chairing meetings, giving speeches, or making presentation.??? Shae Dailyda admitted that when she spoke at a recent forum in Egg Harbor Township, she was doing it for the first time.?? She had prepared remarks on her ideas for improving the schools, but she was asked to simply give her background and qualifications.??? She did not know how to prepare ?talking points? or a three minute ?stump speech?.??? She was embarrassed at not being prepared, but she is working hard to overcome it.?? If you want to help Shae, or learn from her experience to be a candidate next year, contact Shae Dailyda at http://www.shae4eht.org/.

13. ? ? ? ? ??Not everyone takes an interest in politics?but sometimes politics takes an interest in you.???? Pericles?leader of ancient Athens.?? 495 B.C. to 425 B.C..???? For many years, Marybeth Bennett took an interest in rescuing birds and other small animals injured by humans, nursing them back to health, and releasing them safely back to their natural environment.?? In a just world, the Division of Fish and Wildlife of the NJ Department of Environmental Protection would recognize and honor Marybeth Bennett as a one woman land-based version of the Marine Mammal Stranding Center.

14. ? ? ? ? But in ?pay to play? New Jersey, Marybeth Bennett was prosecuted as a criminal by the Division of Fish and Wildlife and fined $5,280.?? It seems the Division insists that only its employees and certain selected contractors are qualified to touch any wildlife in New Jersey.?? If a skunk comes on your property, there is only one person in the entire county authorized to remove it.?? If anyone else touches that skunk, they are also fined and prosecuted.

15. ? We also learned that the Division of Fish and Wildlife would rather see an animal hit by a car die in agony over two or three days, than let an unauthorized private citizen like Marybeth Benett rescue it.?? And it seems that certain retired employees of the Division have sweetheart contracts to exterminate injured animals for big fees.

16. ?In? last Saturday?s discussion, it became clear? that this is another ?unintended consequence? of the ?progressive? philosophy of government.??? Progressives believe that ordinary citizens are too greedy or too stupid to be trusted with taking care of ordinary problems by themselves, and that government ?experts? are needed for almost everything.

17. ? This Wednesday, October 10? — a ?Monumental? Liberty Movie.?? Please join www.LibertyandProsperity.org on Wednesday October 10th at 6:00pm at the Shore Diner, 6710 Tilton Road in EHT for our “Liberty at the Movies” screening of “Monumental”.
Monumental is the story of America’s beginnings. Presented and produced by Kirk Cameron, the 90-minute true story follows this father of six across Europe and the United States as he meets with historians and experts in an effort to discover America’s true “national treasure”-the people, places, and principles that made America the freest, most prosperous and generous nation the world has ever known.

18. ? ? ? ? ?Regular Breakfast Discussion this Saturday, October 136, 2012 from 9:30AM to 10:30AM at the Shore Diner. Tilton and Fire Roads in Egg Harbor Township.? Regular live, two way talk radio on 92.1 FM (Vineland) heard in most of South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, Saturday from 8AM to 9AM. Seth Grossman will be away on vacation, and retired judge Paul Porreca of Millville First will be the guest host.? Seth Grossman will be a guest on the ?Larry Trulli and Dan Klein radio programs on 1020AM (Ocean City) tomorrow, Monday from 8AM to 10 AM.

19.?????????? Bring a friend or family member to the next Breakfast.?? Liberty and Prosperity will pick up the check for one of the three Liberty specials for the first time any South Jersey high school or college student attends one of our breakfasts.?? We don?t expect you to attend every breakfast meeting, but you should attend one meeting every month or two to learn the news that never makes the TV networks or daily newspapers.? Forward this email to friends and family and ask them to sign up for our email updates at http://www.libertyandprosperity.org.

20.? Become a full voting member of LibertyAndProsperity.org! Dues are $60 per year, attend 3 business meetings each year, and work on at least one volunteer project each year. Or be a non-voting supporting member for just $30 per year, with no other commitment.??? Forward this email to friends and family, and ask them to sign up for our weekly update at http://www.libertyandprosperity.org.

21.? Volunteers needed to distribute LibertyAndProsperity.org literature at the New Jersey Cranberry Festival in Chatsworth, New Jersey during the weekend of October 20 and 21.? If you can help, please contact Dennis Mahon at dmahon1@yahoo.com.

22.?? Last week, the Current Newspapers asked its regular columnists to give their opinions on the Presidential? Election.?? This week?s column does not represent the policy of LibertyAndProsperity.org since we are a tax-exempt education organization, and cannot endorse any candidates.??? Still please contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com and give him your corrections, suggestions, and criticisms.

Like my previous column on the abortion issue, this column represents only my personal views.?? LibertyAndProsperity.org is an education organization that does not and cannot endorse candidates.
Mitt Romney was not my first choice to be President.?? And I don?t see any real difference between Chris Christie Republicans and Jon Corzine Democrats.? But until the election on November 6, I will not be dealing with those issues.

Right now, my top priority is doing everything I can to help Republican Mitt Romney defeat Democrat Barack Obama.???? I am also working to help Republican Joe Kyrillos defeat Democratic Bob Menendez for U.S. Senate.?? And to re-elect Republican Congressman Frank LoBiondo.? I am reaching out to everyone I know, and asking them to vote that way.
The reason is simple and personal.??? I think Obama,? and the ?progressive? Democrats who support him,? are tearing down everything that allowed me and my family to succeed in America.?? If Obama gets four more years, and ?progressive? Democrats keep control of the? U.S. Senate, Supreme Court, Senate, radio, TV,? AOL, and Yahoo ?news? networks, colleges, and public schools of? this country,? the America we knew and loved will be gone forever.

My grandparents came to this country with nothing.?? They asked for and got nothing from the government but freedom, and low taxes, so they could keep what they free to earn.??? Within? ten years, they owned their own homes and businesses.? They saw their kids (my parents)? get excellent educations and pursue careers and lifestyles they never dreamed of.
As Jews, my grandparents and parents faced discrimination and insults.? But because the Constitution and a government of equal enforcement of equal laws protected their lives, liberty, and property, they were free to ignore, and overcome them.??? Had they gone to almost any country in ?progressive? Europe, they would have been rounded up and turned into soap.

A hundred years ago, very few passengers on the Titanic believed their big, comfortable ship could? sink.??? Today few Americans believe our country can collapse.
But students of history like me see the danger.?? And so do immigrants from ?progressive? countries.

In the 1990?s,? when my kids were young and my wife and I both worked, Cristina, a woman from Nicaragua cleaned our house once a week.
By chance, I recently ran into her.? Over the past 17 years, I learned Spanish and she learned English, so we had a real conversation for the first time.

At some point, I asked Cristina if she saw the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama the night before.
?No.?? I can?t even look at Obama without getting sick? she answered.? ?Es Comunista! (He?s a communist!)? she then said, switching to Spanish.
When I asked what she meant, she said ?Everything Obama says is word for word what Daniel Ortega (the Communist dictator of Nicaragua) said when he took over.?? Ortega said the same sweet words.??? He promised to do everything for the poor.?? But he ruined the country.?? Now nobody works, nobody builds.? The only people with money in Nicaragua today are the? few? people with the government.?

Then she said ?I ran away from the Communists in Nicaragua.?? Now Obama is bringing all that here?.
During the 20 years Cristina and her husband were in America, they bought and fixed up several rental properties while they both worked two jobs and raised their children.
Cristina is now afraid that if Obama stays in, her family will lose everything to pay even higher taxes to bail out people who could have worked and saved like she did, but chose not to.
?Progressives? think it is ?old fashioned? to limit the power of government to simply protecting the freedom of each individual to make his or her own choices?without using that freedom to deny the same freedom to anyone else.

Progressives say this promotes the ?idolatry? of ?greed?.

But isn?t it normal for everyone to want a better life???? And with limited government , aren?t people free to refuse to buy from ?greedy? corporations that offend them?
Obama?s federal government now effectively runs General Motors,?? the five biggest banks, and almost every mortgage company in America.
When the government takes over big corporations, everyone is taxed to pay their big salaries and losses, even most people choose not to buy and pay for their products.??? How does that stop corporate greed???? And since when are people who run big government less greedy than people who run big corporations?


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