Weekly Update – Political Message of So-Called Superstorm. No FEMA in Israel.



1. ? ? ? ? ?NO BREAKFAST MEETING next Saturday, November 24.?? Happy Thanksgiving!??? Regular Breakfast Discussion the following week, Saturday, December 1.???? Breakfast Discussions are normally held every Saturday from 9:30AM to 10:30AM at the Shore Diner. Tilton and Fire Roads in Egg Harbor Township.? by Parkway Exit 36.
2.? Regular live, two way talk radio on 92.1 FM (Vineland) heard in most of South Jersey, Philadelphia, and Wilmington, Saturday from 8AM to 9AM. ??Next Saturday, November 24, Retired Judge (and Millville First founder) Paul Porreca will again guest host for Seth Grossman.? Seth Grossman will also be a guest this Monday, November 19 from 8AM to 10AM on 1020AM, WIBG.


4.? ?Gleich-schaltung (forced co-ordination) comes to kindergarten and first grade in NJ Public Schools.??? We just received this email from parents in one Atlantic County school district.? However, we received similar reports from other school districts.?? During the past three months, both the National (NEA) and State (NJEA) teachers unions urged every public school teacher to be an ?Educator for Obama? and to do everything possible to get Obama re-elected.

?My name is X, and my husband’s name is Y.? Our friend? Z referred us to you and gave us your e-mail. We are parents of a six-year-old public school student and we would like to tell you how concerned we are because of politics being played at schools.
?We both grew up in a socialistic country and are aware of the risks of such policies. Never in the wildest dream would we expect such things happening in America.
?They were talking about the elections and the candidates even in first grades. One day my son said during class “Nobody is voting for Obama” and the teacher replied “I am voting for him!” The other day he said ” Obama is ruining the country!” and the teacher response was ” This is your opinion.” They had public voting in class and the results were posted on a big board. There were names of the students and names of the candidates they were voting for (Obama or Romney). Then there was a summary-how many votes for each -12 for Obama and 6 for Romney, and the conclusion: “Our class elected Obama for President of the United States.” This brought friction between the students, because some of the friends were voting for different candidates.. My son’s two favorite friends stopped playing with him? because of that. They also approached him the following day and confronted him about it. I decided to talk to the teacher about it. She said that my son had been expressing his negative opinion about president during class and in the lunch room without even being asked and without raising his hand first. She told me he got very upset when she posted the results of the class voting when it turned out that Obama won 12:6. She did not take it down though… He got upset during class yet again after being scolded for telling a negative comment about Obama to a classmate. She complained to the teacher and she told my son not to say a single more word to that girl anymore. In a raised voice. Then he was ordered to go to the Behavior Chart and move his name down two levels. He did not do that, he got very upset instead.
?We decided to speak to the principal. We believed that this voting and talking about elections caused completely unnecessary divisions between children? They do not understand at this age what they are talking about. Why not leave politics out of the classroom, we are harming our children, we are poisoning their vulnerable minds! The principal was very respectful and apologized for what happened, promised nothing like that would happen again. We were so very happy and hopeful the problem was solved. That was last Friday, a week ago.

?Today we had parent-teacher conference at school. Outside our son’s classroom there was still this class elections board. All the children’s names and who the students were voting for everybody to see! There was even one child that stopped by it when we were there and said ” Oh, I see Cody ( the name of other child from our son’s class.) voted for Romney! I asked the teacher as respectfully as I could if that was necessary to still keep it since this whole thing caused so much trouble between the kids. She said ” Yes, it is important for me, because it reflects what we were working on during class. And I am following teachers’ guidelines.”

?Apparently, nothing wrong happened according to this teacher’s opinion… We stopped at the principal’s office on our way back and told him about the board. He said he would remove it. We believe in his good intentions, but still feel very uneasy about what happened. This was wrong. This was not American way.

?We write to you out of our great concern of what has been happening at our schools. Unfortunately, this all reminds us about the indoctrination in Eastern Europe in 1980-ies.

?Thank you for taking your time and reading the story.?

5.? In the United States, FEMA, a government agency,? is responsible for evacuating people from bad storms.?? Israel does not have a government agency to evacuate people from rocket attacks. What do they do??? Here is a letter from a friend of one of our members in Israel:

?The sirens have been going on and off all day; b”h, there has not been
any attacks in this area.
?The yishuv (Neve Daniel) and entire surrounding Gush Etzion area are
responding in true Israeli manner with calls for housing families from
the South, collecting toys, games. books etc for the children,
providing Shabbat and other meals, and immediate help for other needs.
There is a united effort to assist, and coordination is ongoing with
this area, the Shomron area, Benjamina areas. Although ?people are glued
to the radio, TV, and internet news transmissions, life goes on. I was
in Jerusalem today, normal activities ongoing-the buses and stores had
the radios on listening to the news and updates.
?Some of the younger people here are among the reserves being called
up and it’s like deep concern for extended family. One reservist here
was called in the midst of doing his laundry –the family sent out a
message on the yishuv internet bulletin board for someone going South
to take the finished laundry. Another reservist called from here was
scheduled to participate in his wedding engagement party Sat nite.
?The yishuv sponsored an information session on security for newcomers
two weeks ago; there is a local and regional system for siren warnings
and communication during emergencies is primarily with SMS, including
color codes for warnings and attacks. . There are groups of volunteers
trained for emergency procedures.
?I appreciate the notes of concern received . The community here is
united and it provides a reassuring sense of protection and mutual
care.? Keep the prayers going. Chodesh Tov, erev Shabbat Shalom,? David.

6.? Seth Grossman?s draft column for the Current and Gazette newspapers gives his final comments on the political lessons of? ?Superstorm Sandy?.

Shortly after the ?superstorm?, government? ?experts? reported that? that sand dunes on the South Jersey beaches ?did their duty?, but now ?needed to be replaced? at a cost of ?hundreds of millions of dollars?.
They reminded me of when my dad joked about saving Atlantic City from invasion during World War II.?? When he was drafted into the army, my dad was shipped to Atlantic City where he guarded the St. Charles Hotel on the Boardwalk with a wooden rifle.
?We achieved our mission!?, my dad used to brag.?? ?The Germans never came near the place!?
Of course, if the Germans really did invade, he and his wooden rifle would have been useless.?? And the Germans never invaded any shore town that had no soldiers at all.
Isn?t it the same story with the dunes???? Because Sandy south of Brigantine was a minor storm with bad-luck full moon tides, there was little or no damage along the Boardwalk where there were dunes.??? But there was also little or no damage to the Boardwalk where there weren?t any dunes.
In fact, there was very little damage to any ocean front properties.????? In some places like Wildwood, wide beaches?not dunes?broke most of the force of the waves.??? Elsewhere, wooden bulkheads and concrete seawalls built from Brigantine to Cape May? after the 1944 and 1962 storms ?did their duty??but don?t have to be replaced.?? Most storm damage was from back bay flooding?where the dunes did nothing.
The average six year old with a bucket and shovel knows that ocean waves quickly wash away piles of sand.???? But not the average government ?expert?.? ?Is it because the average six year old doesn?t know the political benefits of giving out hundreds of millions of dollars of contracts to big, ?politically connected contractors and their unions to move sand from one place to another every few years?
During the Monday night of the storm, the TV networks showed dramatic footage of the ?iconic? Atlantic City Boardwalk being smashed to bits by ocean waves.??? Other videos showed flood waters in the street by the Bally?s Casino.

Anyone from Atlantic City immediately knew that this section of Boardwalk along Maine Avenue was destroyed years ago, and was slated for demolition.?? And that the streets by Bally?s Casino often flood during heavy rains and high tides.? And that the casino, the hotel, and the parking garage were at all times safe and dry, and could have been open for business.

This phony TV ?news? together with the Governor?s closing of the casinos for five full days, probably caused as much hardship as the storm.

One week later the ?Atlantic City Alliance?, a government funded agency had to do a big ?ad ?campaign to tell people that the Boardwalk and the casinos were undamaged, powered up, and ready for business.

So why didn?t Governor Christie and other state and local officials contact the news networks and set the record straight during the night of the storm??? And during the next few days when the whole country was watching?

Was it because telling the truth at that time would have gotten in the way of this? perfect political message to get Barack Obama re-elected?

?Everyone in New Jersey is a helpless ?victim?.?? We can?t deal with this ?superstorm? ourselves, and need massive help from ?compassionate?, big-government politicians like ?progressive? Republican Governor Chris Christie and Democratic President Barack Obama.??? And by the way, the ?corporate greed? of Republican ?millionaires and billionaires? like Mitt Romney gave us the ?global warming? that caused this ?superstorm? in the first place!?

There was flooding during three high tides.? Monday morning and evening of October 29, and Tuesday morning, October 30.??? By Tuesday afternoon, the storm was long gone, and most roads in the beach towns were dry and clear.?? Did it make sense to tie up hundreds of police and spend all that overtime for checkpoints to keep people from returning to their own homes and businesses Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday?
This was never done during the more destructive storms of 1938, 1944, and 1962.
During this delay, many residents and businesses suffered additional damage from mold, theft, and vandalism.??? One man who stayed in his home in Brigantine was found with hypothermia Friday afternoon?three days after the storm.? He died soon afterwards.??? Did he die?as the government ?experts? say— because he foolishly failed to evacuate???? ?Or because those ?experts? kept his family from returning home for three days?

(Image source – http://media.knoxnews.com/media/img/photos/2012/10/30/Superstorm_Sandy__goddardd@knews.com_2_t607.JPG)

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