Weekly Update – September 25, 2010

Weekly Update – September 25, 2010

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1. Seth Grossman Current-Gazette column for this week: ?Last week the Mercatus Center at George Mason University reported that real-world accounting methods show the New Jersey pension funds are short $174 billion. This comes to $20,000 for every man, woman and child in New Jersey, or $64,000 per household. Since about half of New Jersey households pay little or nothing in state taxes, the other half would have to pay roughly $120,000 in new state taxes over the next 15 years. . . ?Read the full story at http://www.shorenewstoday.com/index….r-a-crash.html.

2. When you watch ?Boardwalk Empire? on HBO, remember that liberty brought incredible growth and wealth to Atlantic City for 50 years before Nucky Johnson became a political boss in 1914. Nucky Johnson was the Atlantic County sheriff who fought ?Progressives? like Governor Woodrow Wilson who tried to take that Liberty?and the Prosperity it created–away from Atlantic City. Read the full story at: http://www.shorenewstoday.com/index….layground.html.

3. Atlantic City Mayor Langford is taking a two week ?working vacation? in Communist China. He did not say who is paying for the trip. Chinese dictators often wine and dine American politicians. Former President George Bush, Sr. and Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson were frequent guests of the Chinese government before they got their high positions, and were very friendly to the Chinese afterwards. (U.S. did nothing when Chinese killed pro-democracy demonstrators in 1989, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac stiffed U.S. owners of preferred stock, while paying 100% of all money owed to the Chinese, etc.) The Chinese government holds a big stake in Wall Street giant Morgan Stanley and committed $500 million to complete the Revel Casino project in Atlantic City. The project is way over budget and can only succeed with massive tax breaks and loan guarantees from state and local government. To see the friendly and peaceful intentions of the Chinese government, check this video of their military parade last year: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p8_50S_tkHY

4. Can you be sued for telling the truth? The New Jersey Supreme Court is now deciding whether citizens can be forced to pay money damages for truthfully informing voters that a politician was convicted of a crime, if the politician later had that conviction expunged. In 1735, newspaper owner John Peter Zenger was put on trial in colonial New York for truthfully reporting that the Royal Governor was taking bribes. British law said it was a crime to say bad things about a royal official?even if those things were true. The jury unanimously dismissed the charges against Zenger and said that Americans had a God-given right to speak the truth. That has been the law in America ever since?until now?

5. Margate referendum: Margate citizens are circulating a petition to force a public vote on borrowing $6.2 million to fix up two fire houses. The fire chief says this is needed to safely house Margate?s 40 paid firefighters. Many of those firefighters live in towns the same size as Margate with no paid firefighters and volunteer fire departments. Margate officials say citizens do not have the right to demand such a referendum in a Commission Government town like Margate, but New Jersey State Law clearly says citizens have that right in EVERY town. See New Jersey Statute 40:49-27 at: http://lis.njleg.state.nj.us/cgi-bin/om_isapi.dll?clientID=851906&Depth=2&TD=WRAP&advquery=protest%20against%20the%20incurring&depth=4&expandheadings=on&headingswithhits=on&hitsperheading=on&infobase=statutes.nfo&rank=&record={FC78}&softpage=Doc_Frame_PG42&wordsaroundhits=2&x=37&y=13&zz=

6. Millville spent $8.5 million tax dollars to fix up the old Levoy Theater on High Street that closed after losing customers and money to Mall theaters and home entertainment systems. Vineland spent $7 million tax dollars to fix up its Landis movie theater. Meanwhile, high taxes and government laws and regulations forced dozens of factories to close in both towns. How much more economic ?stimulus? and ?development? like this can we stand?

7. Liberty and Prosperity Ten Core Principles for 2010:

I. No eminent domain for private gain.

II. Enforce federal immigration laws. No amnesty. Deport illegal aliens.

III. Make tax and zoning laws fair, simple, and apply them equally to everyone.

IV. Cut taxes by cutting government spending.

V. Post all government salaries, contracts and budgets online.

VI. Repudiate (refuse to pay) all state government debts incurred without voter approval in violation of our State Constitution. Repudiate all federal government debts incurred for purposes not permitted by Article I, Section 8 of our Federal Constitution.

VII. Bring “government of the people, by the people, and for the people” back to our public schools and local governments. Let parents apply taxpayer money spent to educate their children to the qualified schools they choose. Don’t force public employees to pay dues to unions they don’t want to join. Let elected officials again decide what salaries, pensions, and benefits to pay our public “servants”.

VIII. Hold frequent non-binding referendums (public votes) on all issues of public importance.

IX. Term limits for all elected officials. Pensions for none.

X. Audit, reform or abolish the Federal Reserve Banking System and have Congress establish a stable currency secured by precious metals or assets with recognized and stable values. Have the United States withdraw from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and any organization which purports to require the U.S. Government to spend money without appropriation by Congress pursuant to the U.S. Constitution.

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MEMBERSHIP REQUIREMENTS: Voting Members: $60 dues; attend 3 business meetings per year; work on one board approved project per year. Non-Voting Members: $30 per year; no attendance or volunteer requirements.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director, http://www.libertyandprosperity.org 453 Shore Road, Somers Point, NJ 08244, grossman@snip.net. Tel. 609-927-7333.

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