Weekly Update – Seth in Sea Isle and Chick-Fil-A


Cutting the grass on top of those ugly, artificial piles of sand (they are not?natural sand “dunes”)?in front of the Atlantic City Boardwalk is like putting a band-aid on a brain tumor.

Seth Grossman to speak at Sea Isle this Tuesday, 7PM on ‘Getting Tea Party to Play Big League Ball’.

1.? Meet LibertyAndProsperity.org this Tuesday, August 7th, at 7pm ?in Sea Isle City, NJ at the Community Lodge at the corner of JFK and Park Rd. (Look for the big ?Fish Alley? sign on the south side of the main road leading to the bridge after getting off Parkway Exit 17).?? Seth Grossman will speak to the Sea Isle City Tea Party group led by Lynne Shirk, Rosemarie Whelan and others.?? The Topic:?? Getting the Tea Party to Play Big-League Ball in Cape May County.? If you live outside of Atlantic County and can?t get to our Saturday morning breakfasts and other events, and want someone from LibertyandProsperity.org to speak to your group, contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

2.? Help us spread the word.?? If you like this email alert, please forward it to your friends and family.?? If you don?t like it, reply and let us know how we can make it better.?? Thanks.

3.? By coincidence, one of our younger members, Tom Rotondi of Ocean City,? was so inspired by our new program ?Do More than Vote? that he decided to become a leader in ?the Cape May County Young Republicans.???? His group is sponsoring a ?Snap Beef and Beer? tomorrow (Friday), August 3 from 7PM to 10PM at the Bellevue Tavern at 9 South Main Street in Cape May Court house.?? Admission is $20.??? Ironically, that is where Seth Grossman and Steve Lonegan met to intensify the struggle against the Toll Hike Scheme of previous Democrat Governor Jon Corzine after being released from the Middle Township Police holding cell after being arrested for displaying signs and distributing literature outside the Governor?s ?Town Hall Meeting? in February, 2008.?? (LibertyAndProsperity.org is NOT sponsoring this event and does NOT and can NOT engage in political activity.?? But we can and do teach that every citizen who wants to live in a nation of liberty must ?Do More Than Vote?.??? We are merely recognizing what citizens can do besides voting, and will give the same recognition to any citizen who wants to promote liberty in the Democratic Party or any other party or political organization).

4.? Regular Breakfast Discussion this Saturday, August 4 from 9:30AM to 10:30AM at the Shore Diner. Tilton and Fire Roads in Egg Harbor Township. Regular radio program on 92.1FM heard in most of South Jersey Saturday 8AM to 9AM. ??Retired Judge Paul Porreca of Millville First will guest host for Seth Grossman who will be in Boston for a wedding.? ??Seth Grossman will NOT be guest on Larry Trulli and Dan Klein radio programs on 1020AM (Ocean City) until after he returns on Tuesday.

5.? Lots of LibertyAndProsperity.org folks have been enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner at Amy McCloy?s Chick-Fil-A restaurant?franchise at 6038 Black Horse Pike, and at the restaurant at 4403 Black Horse Pike.???? When we eat at Chick-Fil-A, we are not opposing gay people or gay marriage.?? We are supporting liberty.?? We believe that every American has the ?unalienable? right to speak freely on public issues and publicly support the policies he or she believes in.? No American should be afraid that politicians or political thugs will retaliate by shutting down his or her business.

6.? Gleichs-haltung is the German word for co-ordinate or synchronize.??? It was used by the Nazi?s in Germany in the 1930?s to force every school, college, sports club, business, union, church, and even garden club to support the Nazi political? program in some way in their non-political activities.???? Did you notice how ?Gleichs-haltung? has come to America?? Almost every big corporation TV commercial, every church or synagogue newsletter, the Girl Scouts, and other major charities, and our schools and colleges seems to promote some party of the ?Progressive?, big-government, ?redistribute the wealth?, or ?green? agenda in some way.??? In Linwood, the Bellehaven Middle School celebrated Flag Day on June 14 by forcing all of its students to assemble in the school yard to form a giant ?Peace? symbol.?? The ?Peace Symbol? represents a stick figure with its arms down?it was first adopted by left-wing groups in England in the 1950?s who opposed the United States for stopping aggression by the?Communist Soviet Union in Europe.?? To fight ?gleichs-haltung? in America, and to support liberty, enjoy your next fast food meal?at Chick-Fil-A!

7.? Most Boardwalk restaurant, store, and arcade owners in Atlantic City are struggling to survive this summer with poor business during the week and big hikes in real estate taxes and electric bills.? That is because the only plan by Republican Governor Christie and Democrat Senate President Sweeney to ?save? Atlantic City has been giving ?$400 million of tax breaks and loans to the Revel Casino (and raise taxes for everyone else), shake down the casinos for millions of dollars for the ?DO-AC? ad campaign and ?free?? movies and concerts that few people watch, and a duplicate (and expensive) city government for half the town when every other town is consolidating and sharing services to cut expenses.?? And two big electric rate hikes to pay for ?green? energy and the societal benefits fee (free electric service for illegal immigrants and having the BPU buy old refrigerators). The result?less business, and higher taxes and electric bills.

8.? After years of complaints by visitors, residents, business owners, and local officials, the NJ Department of Environmental Protection finally agreed to do something about the ugly artificial piles of sand it built with federal government officials to ?block the ocean view and breeze from the Atlantic City Boardwalk.?? They are going to trim some of the grass on top of the dunes.??? That is like putting a band-aid on a brain tumor.

9.? What is wrong have un-elected state and federal officials build artificial piles of sand on every beach in the country????? (a) Piles of sand do nothing to protect lives or property in bad storms.?? They wash away in less than an hour. (b) Wooden bulkheads and properly designed concrete sea-walls are much cheaper to build and maintain, do a much better job, last a lot longer, and don?t block views or drainage, (c).? Federal and State environmental officials insist on higher sand dunes in Atlantic City than anywhere else because Atlantic City has higher property values.??? These clueless idiots still haven?t figured out that beach front properties? are worth more because people like the ocean view and breeze.??? Building ugly piles of sand in front of these properties lessens their value as much as any storm.?? (d) Forcing people to have big ugly piles of sand in front of their property takes away people?s freedom.? Should the person who pays for property and pays taxes on it be free to decide whether he or she prefers the ?safety? of? the dunes rather than the beauty of? the ocean view.? ??And shouldn?t they have the option to choose wood or concrete sea-walls and have both??? (e) The whole ?beach replenishment? industry is a giant pay-to-play racket.??? Big union contractors get paid fortunes to move sand around each year, even though the wind and tides wash away the sand every year or two anyway.??? (f) To get hundreds of millions of federal dollars for ?beach replenishment? each year, our Congressman Frank LoBiondo must agree to big federal projects all over the country to return the favor?and agree to borrowing 40 cents for every dollar the Federal government spends.

10.? Learn the latest techniques in grass-roots politics.?? LibertyAndProsperity.org is an education organization, not a political one.? However, we urge every American to be more effective as a citizen by learning how successful political campaigns are run.? ?Americans for Prosperity is setting up a ?call center??at in Galloway Township by Jimmie Leeds and Ptiney Roads ?to make calls to voters throughout South Jersey on varies issues that pertain to our basic principles.?? Volunteers will be needed to make calls several hours a day, for one or two days a week for the next three months.?? Please contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com or Dennis Mahon at dmahon1@yahoo.com or (609) 204-2511? if you would like to participate.

11.? ?August 15, 2012?Atlantic City Salutes Our Armed Forces Parade. We have been so successful in making people aware of our symbols of liberty?the wooden pike draped with the red liberty cap?that we have decided to march in the Atlantic City parade on August 15. This is a two mile march. We need at least two drummers and 24 marchers to be effective. ??But if we had 50 marchers, we would really make a statement!? Will you march with us? Do you need a tricolor sash, pike and liberty cap? Please contact Seth Grossman at sethgrossman49@gmail.com or Dennis Mahon at dmahon1@yahoo.com.

12.? New? date and time ?Trevor Loudon of New Zealand.?? Loudon cannot be with us on August 29 as planned because he was invited to be at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.??? He will instead attend our breakfast meeting at 9:30 AM on Saturday morning, September 1 at the Shore Diner.?? The Shore Diner is at Tilton and Fire Roads by Parkway Exit 36 in Egg Harbor Township.?? We will have this program instead of our August movie. Loudon wrote ?Barack Obama and the Enemies Within?, a book often discussed by Glenn Beck.

13.? ?We finally have a date for Richard Somers Day.?? The ceremony will be sponsored by the Somers Point Historical Society led by Sally Hastings on Sunday, September 9 at 2PM.?? We will hold our fundraiser one hour later at a location to be announced Tickets this year will be $25 per person, $35 per couple, and includes dinner and cash bar at Gregory?s Bar and Restaurant in Somers Point. For details, go to http://www.libertyandprosperity.org or contact sethgrossman49@gmail.com.

14.? Become a full voting member of LibertyAndProsperity.org! Dues are $60 per year, attend 3 business meetings each year, and work on at least one volunteer project each year. Or be a non-voting supporting member for just $30 per year, with no other commitment

15.? ?Seth Grossman will be in Boston for a long weekend, so he will submitted his column for next week?s column early.? ?There was so much interest in the giving of an early pension to the state trooper who almost killed Governor Corzine in a traffic accident five years at last week?s breakfast,that Seth wrote about it in his column.?? Please read the rough draft of that column for the Current and Gazette weekly newspapers in Atlantic and Cape May Counties and forward your corrections and suggestions for improvement to Seth at sethgrossman49@gmail.com. Thanks.

On April 12, 2007, just over five years ago, Democrat Governor Jon Corzine was nearly killed when the big SUV he was riding in clipped the back of white pick-up truck he was trying to pass, ran off the Garden State Parkway, and slammed into a guardrail by Mile Marker 44 in Galloway Township.

The driver of the Governor?s SUV was a young state trooper named Robert Rasinski.?? Our daily newspaper reported that Rasinski ?suffered only minor injuries? and was released from the hospital the next.?? Rasinski resumed his regular duties until he was re-assigned to stand guard at the Statehouse one year later.

Last week, Rasinski was in the news again.?? It seems that Rasinski managed to retire from the state police in 2010?three years after the accident.???? Even though he was less than 40 years old, he got an early ?disability? pension for ?back pain and post-traumatic stress?.??? But although Rasinski?s final salary was $91,309 per year, his yearly pension was only $36,524.
That was because the Pension Board ruled that Rasinski had ?significant responsibility? for causing the crash that caused his injury.

But last week, a state administrative law judge reversed that decision and gave Rasinski a full pension of $62,872?two third his final salary, plus free health insurance for life.
If Rasinski is now 36 years old, he is expected to live 43 more years and collect $2,703,496?not counting another $360,000 for his lifetime health insurance.

How could the administrative law judge find that Rasinski had no??significant responsibility? for this accident?

None of us will ever know.?? The judge sealed the case so that none of those facts will ever be known to the public.

But covering up the truth was always part of this case.? The day after the accident every newspaper in the state reported that the state police were blaming the driver of a red pick-up truck for causing the accident and fleeing the scene.?? But?the story changed two days later, when police found that driver.?? Ironically, everyone who listened to local talk radio knew right away what caused the accident.?? Corzine was speeding.??? The Governor had agreed to appear on national TV in Princeton with 770AM Talk Show Host Don Imus and the Rutgers Women?s Basketball Team Imus had previously offended.??? But Corzine was promoting his toll hike scheme on the Pinky Kravitz radio program on 1400AM in Atlantic City until about 5:45PM.?? ??That gave Corzine only 75 minutes to cover 91 miles–a trip that normally takes two hours during rush hour.

Eventually, the State Police reported that the black box of Corzine?s SUV showed that the Governor was going 91 mph ?five seconds before impact?.?? But that was AFTER Rasinski slammed on the brakes.??? How fast was Rasinski going ten seconds before impact?when Rasinski tried to pass that white pick-up?

The black box in the SUV had that answer.?? So did anyone who checked when the Governor?s EZ Pass went through the Pleasantville Toll Plaza on the Expressway and did the arithmetic.???? But no state official or newspaper had any interest in knowing that information.

How fast did Rasinski plan on going after he got off the Parkway, and onto the crowded and dangerous two lane road to Princeton?
Who cooked up the phony story about the accident being caused by the guy in the red pick-up truck??? Was it Rasinski??? Was it one of the two troopers in the SUV behind him going just as fast???? Did the three of them do it together?

Again, nobody in government or the media cared????? Do they all accept the idea that protecting civil service careers and pensions is more important that learning the truth and saving lives?
Not a single law enforcement agency charged Rasinski or the driver of the car behind him for speeding or careless driving.???? I filed those charges days before the statute of limitations was about to expire.

But Chris Brown, the municipal court judge for Galloway Township?(now a Republican Assemblyman for Atlantic County) dismissed my complaint.?? He ruled that photos of the wreckage of the Governor?s SUV and the state police report of?91 mph speed registered by the black box of the SUV did not show ?probable cause? that a violation of any traffic laws had occurred.? Earlier that morning, Chris Brown found someone else (not a police officer) guilty beyond a reasonable doubt without any witnesses?simply because his car had run off the road.

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