Weekly Update – Speaker at Tomorrow’s Breakfast–Then Business Meeting

1.????? ?9:30 A.M.:?? BREAKFAST DISCUSSION:?? Chris Trimarchi, former assistant to Steve Lonegan of Americans for Prosperity, is relocating to the Atlantic County area.? He will give a presentation on the tactics and strategies for getting out the conservative vote, and winning elections.

2.??????10:45 A.M.:?? BOARD OF TRUSTEES MEETING: ? ? There will be a brief ?Board of Directors Meeting open to members of Board of Trustees only.

3.??????11:00 A.M.? COMBINED TRUSTEE/MEMBER MEETING (Open to all voting and non-voting members. ? ? Non-voting members may speak, but not vote–and are encouraged to “upgrade” to full voting member status.


a.?????? Reading and Approval of Minutes

b.????? Treasurer?s Report

c.?????? Executive Director?s Report:? Proposals for next 6 months include:

??????????????????????????????? i.????? Reach out to owners of beachfront property for financial contributions
????????????????????????????? ii.????? Engage blacks, Hispanics, union members, and public school teachers in understanding how unrestricted immigration and hurts them more than anyone else.
iii.????? Urge repudiation of illegal debt as best and quickest way to cut taxes.
??????????????????????????? iv.????? Demand immediate electric rate cuts and end subsidies for ?green energy? and ?societal benefits?.
????????????????????????????? v.????? Demand 2d Amendment right to carry in NJ

d.????? Confirmation of Voting Members:?? Because of the transition of treasurers, Seth Grossman, Mark Hutchinson, Steve Jones, Jesse Kurtz, Roger Stabile, and Kim Yoder are not listed as paid members on our voting list.?? However, many, if not all of those members did in fact pay their 2013 dues.

e.?????? Nomination of new members?The Board may nominate candidates for membership who have requested membership and tendered dues.??? Those candidates will be voted for admission to membership at the next meeting.

f.?????? Nomination of members of Board of Trustees?The Board of Trustees did not yet meet to nominate Trustees for an Annual Meeting.??? An annual meeting has not yet been scheduled or held to replace or re-nominate those trustees whose terms expired last June.?? According to my notes, those trustees are:

??????????????????????????????? i.????? Mary Kazmarck, Melvin ?Nate? Nathanson, and Eileen Wood. (Terms end 2013)
????????????????????????????? ii.????? Bruce Barkoff (2014), Mark Hutchinson (2015), Jesse Kurtz (2014), Dennis Mahon (2014), Maressa Mahon (2015), Joel Rubenfine (2015), Doug Stroz (2015).

g.????? Proposal to encourage more non-voting members to participate as active, full voting members, and encourage more full voting members to become active officers, trustees, and committee chairs.

h.????? Proposal to lease office space from Seth Grossman for $200 per week for 6 months.

i.??????? Proposal to add ?Enforce Immigration Laws? and 2d Amendment ?Right to Carry?, to basic principles

j.??????? Proposal to have online access to meetings (such as?www.gotomeetings.com) so that out-of-county non-voting members like Shelly Kennedy, Clay Mikolasy, and Peter and Catherine Boyce can be full voting members and trustees.


l.??????? NEW BUSINESS?

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