What is Liberty and Prosperity?

LibertyAndProsperity.org is a unique and effective tax-exempt, education organization that has promoted American principles of liberty in South Jersey since 2003.???? Each year, we ask for your financial help to continue our work.

We know that giving may be difficult in today?s bad economy.??? But that bad economy is the result of bad government that smothers liberty?and prosperity.??? The only way to again have a good economy is to again have a good government that equally secures liberty?including economic liberty?for everyone.

Please help us do that.? LibertyAndProsperity.org is unique and effective for several reasons.

First, we have no loyalties to any political party.???? The ?Tea Party? movement began in April of 2009 as a push-back against out-of-control borrowing and spending by President Obama and a Democrat controlled Congress.

But we started LibertyAndProsperity.org six years earlier.??? At that time, we realized that neither George Bush nor the Republicans who then controlled both houses of Congress understood or respected the Constitution and the most basic principles of American liberty.? We formed this organization in 2003 to warn that Republicans and Democrats alike were leading America to disaster.

Second, we are a practical, New Jersey based organization.? We promote American history, liberty, and culture, but we also apply that general knowledge to? specific local issues that most people understand and relate to.??? We do this with two-way talk radio programs, one minute radio announcements, and columns and letters to the editor in local newspapers.

Third, we sponsor weekly breakfast discussions [truncated] that encourage dozens of people each week to meet and discuss these issues.??? These interesting and interactive events encourage critical thinking and improve public speaking skills.

Finally, we have purpose and discipline and do not rush to react to every initiative of the left.?? We believe we are most effective when we explain what we are for, rather than what we are against.

We believe that when government applies these eight basic principles, we will quickly resolve most of the problems that now threaten us.

1.???? Make all laws and taxes fair and simple.? Apply them equally to everyone.

2.???? Teach every citizen and public official to know why written contracts that define and limit the power of government officials are important?and why the clear written words of the U.S. and NJ Constitutions must be understood and obeyed.

3.???? Repudiate (refuse to pay) any New Jersey government debt not approved by voters as required by the NJ Constitution.

4.???? Post all state, county, local, and public school salaries and contracts on the internet.

5.???? Recognize the right of each individual to work at any job without being compelled to join or pay dues to any organization as a condition of employment.

6.???? Distribute all ?Property Tax Relief Fund? money from the New Jersey Income Tax equally as originally intended in 1976.?? The income tax was supposed to cut all property taxes either with direct rebates to property owners or equal funding for all school districts on a per student basis.

7.???? Let parents apply their children?s share of state public education money to the schools they choose for their children.

8.???? Have frequent referendums (public votes) on issues of public importance.

We believe that most people in New Jersey would support each of these principles if they were properly explained.??? Please give us your financial support so we can do that.

If you disagree with any of these core principles, or think something should be added to our list, please contact us.

Although we are a small group, our work has had much influence throughout the state.??? In 2007 we teamed up with Steve Lonegan of Americans for Prosperity in North Jersey and sponsored activities that led to the defeat of a $450 million bond issue.

In 2008 we joined with others to raise public awareness (and opposition) to the plan by former Governor Jon Corzine to ?monetize? the state toll roads for $30 billion–and raise tolls by more than 700%.

We also sponsored many events that explained how solar panels and wind turbines in New Jersey did little or nothing to reduce carbon emissions, but did kill businesses and jobs in the state by tripling electric rates.

We worked with the Somers Point Historical Society every September to honor the memory of Richard Somers, the American hero who died in America?s first war against Jihad terror in 1804?when Thomas Jefferson was President.

We put the image of the red cap and wooden pike on our letterhead so that Americans again recognize these once familiar symbols of liberty.?? The red ?liberty? cap was a badge of freedom for freed slaves in ancient times.?? The simple wooden pike was the only weapon most farmers and villagers in Europe had.?? In the hands of one man, it was useless against the sword of an armored knight on horseback.?? But when everyone in the area turned out with that weapon to defend the rights of one family, the freedom of everyone was secure.

We only hold one major fundraising event each year.?? We do this in the form of a morning breakfast and afternoon ?way more than wine and cheese??reception at the Carisbrooke Inn by the Boardwalk in Ventnor on the last Sunday in February.??? This year, it is February 24.

The breakfast, with the famous, special recipe Carisbrooke pancakes,?is limited to ten major donors who give at least $250 each.

Tickets to the afternoon reception are $75 per person, or $100 per couple. ??We need at least $15,000 from this event?one half of our yearly budget– to keep our current level of activity.?? The rest of our budget comes from dues, movie night income, our Richard Somers Day event, and other donations we receive during the year.

In the past, our speakers for the breakfast and afternoon buffet included Steve Lonegan, Michael Doherty, Paul Mulshine, and Anna Little.

This year, our speaker will be Rick Shaftan of Mountaintop Media, a respected veteran pollster who is hired for election campaigns all over the country.? He will give a brief presentation on the topic ?How Republicans win when they campaign for liberty, and lose when they don?t?.

Although Seth Grossman is still an active member of our organization, he may be temporarily stepping down as executive director to be a candidate for public office.

For that reason, our offices are moving to 1442 New Road, in Northfield, NJ? 08225.?? However, to save money, we are using the unused return envelopes with our old address from last year.

To participate in this year?s major fundraising event, please send your check for $250, $100, or $75 as the case may be in the enclosed, self-addressed envelope.? We will mail or deliver your tickets.?? You can?also pay or donate any amount via PayPal at? www.libertyandprosperity.org, in person at any Saturday breakfast or movie night.? You can buy your ticket from any member.

Thank you again for your support.

????????????????? Sincerely,


??????????????????????????? DENNIS MAHON, President


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    Seth Grossman is executive director of Liberty And Prosperity, which he co-founded in 2003. It promotes American liberty and limited constitutional government through weekly radio and in-person discussions, its website, email newsletters and various events. Seth Grossman is also a general practice lawyer.

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