What Will Fox News “Watters’ World” Say About Us & Craig Callaway Tonight?


Above Image: Fox News “Watters’ World” Films Our Vice-President Brian Fitzherbert As He Opens Our Yearly Fundraiser With Craig Callaway. February 17 at Josie Kelly’s In Somers Point, NJ

Fox News sent its Watters World Camera Crew to our fundraiser in Somers Point, NJ last Saturday.  Atlantic City’s Craig Callaway was our speaker. Two weeks ago, Jesse Watters did a hit piece on Callaway.

John Russo of the Press of Atlantic City also covered the event.  Click below for link to his story:

Craig Callaway speaks at fundraiser in wake of fraud charges (pressofatlanticcity.com)

Above Image: More than 70 people paid to attend our event. Atlantic City Councilman Jesse Kurtz was the only GOP official or leader in attendance this year. In the past, several other state, county, and local Republican officials, leaders and candidates from Atlantic County also supported us and attended this yearly event. Was it the half inch of snow? The 2 to 4 inch forecast? Or did something (or someone) else keep them away?

Callaway had long been invited to speak at our February 17 fundraiser brunch at Josie Kelly’s in Somers Point, NJ.  Roughly two weeks before our event, the Biden FBI and Justice Department arrested Callaway, It claimed that Callaway had improperly handled four messenger ballots during the 2022 Election. At that time, Callaway had been hired by the campaigns of several candidates. One of them was that of Republican Congressman Jeff Van Drew.  Roughly 851 Atlantic City voters used mail-in ballots that year.

After we criticized the Fox News coverage, Mike Lamarca contacted us. Lamarca is the Executive Producer of the Jesse Watters Primetime Fox News TV program. Lamarca said he was sending a camera crew to cover Craig Callaway at our event.

Craig Callaway spoke for roughly 30 minutes and then answered questions. The Fox News camera crew was there for the entire event.  Click here for link to the video we took:

Below is a rough summary of what Callaway made by memory without notes.  Will Jesse Watters and Fox News report any of this at 8pm tonight?

Callaway began by explaining how he got into politics. He was one of 13 children whose parents were very active in politics. Although Democrats, they were conservatives. His father voted for Barry Goldwater in 1964.

Callaway was one of 13 children.  Through his parents, siblings, and their spouses and children, Callaway personally knew people throughout the county. For years, Callaway worked as a mercantile license inspector. There he came to know and like dozens of immigrants who struggled to build businesses here. “I won their support just by being fair with them, and teaching them how to comply with out laws”.

During the 1990’s, Callaway and his brother David supported various candidates for local office. They were frustrated that many of the people they registered and persuaded did not show up to vote on election day. However, in the year 2000, they discovered that the laws for absentee ballots had been changed. Virtually anyone could now vote by mail or messenger ballot without showing any illness, disability or special need. Callaway and his family then persuaded their supporters to vote by mail or messenger ballot whenever possible.

In 2000, they used more than a hundred messenger and mail-in ballots to unseat the City Council President in Atlantic City.  One year later, they used hundreds of those paper ballots to unseat Atlantic City’s Mayor Jim Whelan.

“We turned losers into winners”, Callaway said. The candidates Callaway supported were behind on the night after Election Day when votes on the voting machines were counted.  However, Callaway’s candidates won days later when the paper ballot he brought in were counted.

“They took us to court”, Callaway said, “But the judge ruled that everything we did was legal”.

Callaway said that in 2004, a friend of his who was close to the Kennedy family introduced Callaway to John Kerry. Kerry was the Democratic Party candidate for President running against Republican George W. Bush.

“They had me work in the I-4 Corridor of Florida  around Tampa and St. Petersburg”, Callaway said. ‘We made a lot of progress, but I came too late. The Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons had already come there and used all the money.  They stuffed their pockets, but brought nothing to the table.  We could have won Florida!”

Republican George Bush was re-elected by a very narrow margin in 2004. Kerry could have defeated him by winning either Florida or Ohio.

“Because of what I do, a lot of the status quo politicians hate me”, Callaway said.

“The Democrats tried to destroy me.  But they can’t destroy me, because they didn’t create me. Although I began as a Democrat, I will never again be a Democrat in this lifetime.  They are in it for themselves.  They do nothing for the African-American Community”.

Callaway said Republicans need to learn from Democrats. “When it comes to mail-in ballots, the genie is out of the bottle.  We will never go back to elections the way they were.

“Elections these days are very close.  Instead of complaining that Democrats cheat, Republicans need to work harder”.

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