When Americans danced to “He’s So Fine” by Chiffons in 1963. . .

New Jersey had no sales tax, income tax, or beach fees.?? Tuition, room and board at state colleges like Rutgers and Glassboro (Rowan) were less than the $900 that most students earned working a summer on the Boardwalk. ? A house or apartment cost roughly 25% of family? income.?? Most families didn?t need insurance to pay $2 for a filling at dentist, or $8 for a physician?s house visit?when someone got sick. ?One parent working was usually enough to comfortably support a family.?? Tonight?s Oldie?s Dance? (Saturday, March 21) is a fun way to remember how much prosperity Americans enjoyed when Americans also ?had liberty.?? 6pm to 9pm at Performin Style 84 studio, same shopping center as JD?s Pub, Route 9 and Smithville Blvd., Galloway, NJ.? Admission $10.? Refreshments.?? www.libertyandprosperity.org

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