When the Wind Does Not Blow


The current energy narrative in the industrialized western world is decarbonize all energy generation methods.  Wind, solar and storage, which means wind and solar, will reliably provide all of the electricity anyone needs and wants.  Of course, when the North Sea winds slowed down in September and October Germany, Britain and the rest of Europe ran to the Russians for increased natural gas to keep the lights on.  The odds are most people never heard of this because the MSM failed to consider it news.

Now we are at the end of November and it is colder and the North Sea winds, for whatever reasons, are still blowing weakly and producing insufficient electricity. Therefore, additional gas backup is required. This article describes problem.


`With every hiccup the Russian to German pipeline faces, natural gas prices increase, forcing power prices higher. There’s also the issue that more power generation has to be diverted from alternative energy sources to fossil fuels due to unreliability:’

“Wind generation and temperatures below the seasonal norm are increasing gas-for-power and heating demand; this provides bullish pressure to day-ahead contract,” Inspired Energy said in a report.’


Just think, what happens when fossil fuels are banned and the wind fails to blow sufficiently. Civilization will literally return to the Dark Ages.


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