When They Remind Us Of Hiroshima This Week, Remind Them Of Rest Of Story.

Every August, the media and popular culture remind us of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima, Japan on August 6, 1945.  They remind us of the second bomb that destroyed Nagasaki on August 9.  These two bombs together killed between 129,000 and 226,000 Japanese civilians.

However, the media never explain why.  They never mention that Japanese soldiers had already murdered nearly 19 million unarmed men, women, and children in China.  They never mention that until those atomic bombs were dropped, the Japanese military had plans and resources to keep fighting for years and cause the deaths of millions more Americans, Japanese, and Chinese.

#1.  America’s Two Atomic Bombs Saved Millions of Chinese, Japanese, and American Lives.

Click here for link to 25 minute YouTube video documentary by Mark Felton:   Third Atomic Bomb Attack – Japan 1945 – YouTube

If America did not destroy Hiroshima and Nagasaki with atomic bombs, Japan would have kept fighting for two or three more years, causing millions more men, women, and children to die.  In fact, the Japanese army almost kept on fighting in spite of those bombs.

This video was produced by Mark Felton, a respected British historian of the Second World War. Felton has written over 20 books and posted over 400 history shorts on YouTube as of July 2021.  He has special understanding of Japan during this time period. Felton lectured in Shanghai, China between 2005 and 2014.  He also worked as a volunteer for the Royal British Legion, organising the annual Poppy Appeal in Eastern China, 2010–2014.[3] Following a request from Prime Minister David Cameron, he assisted the British Consulate Shanghai in the rediscovery of the graves of four British soldiers killed by the Japanese in 1937,[4][5][6] and was awarded a Royal British Legion Certificate of Appreciation.[7][8]   (Source:  Wikipedia “Mark Felton”)

#2.  Japanese Soldiers Killed Nearly 19 Million Civilians In China With Bullets, Bayonets and Starvation Before America Stopped them.

For years, these atrocities were rarely talked about. The American military wanted a peaceful occupation of Japan by keeping Emperor Hirohito as its leader. It did not want publicity showing that the Emperor’s uncle was responsible for some of the worst war crimes.  The new Communist regime in China wanted its people to hate white Americans, not fellow Asians from Japan. Most Japanese people did not want to talk of the evil done by their soldiers during the war.

In 1997, Iris Chang, a 29 year old Chinese-American journalist published “The Rape of Nanking-The Forgotten Holocaust of World War II”.  The book caused much controversy in both Communist China and Japan. Iris Chang was viciously criticized, bullied, and ridiculed for her work by government officials, the media, and academics in there. She died from “suicide” in 2004 at age 36.

Click Here For YouTube Video by “History of China” Giving Basic Facts of Nanking Massacre:  THE NANJING MASSACRE – DOCUMENTARY OF THE RAPE OF NANKING – YouTube

The Horror of the Nanking Massacre Is Described In Video of This Survivor:  Survivor From Nanjing Massacre (Male) – YouTube

The Most Effective Video Documentary of the Nanking Massacres is the “Nanking” made in 2011.  It is a 90 min presentation of documentary footage, interviews with survivors, and dramatic readings of diaries and letters written by a handful of Americans and Europeans who lived in Nanking at the time, and who tried to save as many lives as they could.  Nanking – YouTube

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