Who Is Posting This Totally Fake News? I’m Not A Candidate For Congress. And They Changed The Words I Said More Than Four Years Ago!

Articles like this have been appearing as “breaking news” in online news sites like wholepost.com during the past  month.  They are totally fake.  I am not a “Republican prospect” for Congress.  I haven’t been a candidate since 2018, four years ago.  I never said “variety” is a bunch of crap.  I used the word “diversity”.  “Diversity” has a specific meaning in the context of the discussion I was having during a debate in Salem County more than four years ago.  “Diversity” in that context means hiring, promoting, and otherwise rewarding people base on their race, ethnic background, gender, or sexual preference rather than by talent, work, and achievement.


Who took a real news article about me from more than four years ago?  Who then changed the words and reposted their fake article as current “breaking news”?

“WholePost.com posts online “breaking news” that appears in news feeds all over the world every day.  Who dug up words I said during April of 2018, changed them, and then repeatedly placed them in fake news stories claiming I am a candidate for Congress this year?


The reason for doing this is obvious.  Nearly all new today on TV, radio, online, and in newspapers is fake.  Nothing is posted as “news” unless in someway helps “woke” Democrats or hurts Christians, conservatives, or Republicans.  If a Democrat says or does something positive, it is news.  If a Christian, conservative, or Republican says or does something positive, it is not reported.  If President Biden or any major Democrat does or says something stupid, hateful, or ignorant, it is not reported as news.  If any obscure, insignificant, or otherwise unimportant Christian, conservative, or other Republican anywhere in in this nation of 320 million people says or does anything something stupid, hateful, or ignorant, it immediately becomes 24/7 headline news!  Violent crimes happen every day.  However, they are rarely reported as news except in the rare cases where the victim is black and the perpetrator is white or a police officer.  This has been normal for years. However, the latest fake stories about me seem to be new.

“‘Variety’ is a bunch of crap?”  More than four years ago, I specifically used the word “diversity”, because “diversity” when hiring, promoting, and awarding contracts and scholarships has a very specific meaning.  I only know about this specific fake news because I subscribe to “Google Alert”.  It sends me an alert like the one above every time the words “Seth Grossman” are posted online anywhere.


I only know about these new, fake, manufactured “news” stories about me because of those Google Alert.  Do you know of any other fake stories like this?  Do you know who is doing this?  If so, please let us know!  Thanks.

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