Who we are. How and why you should join us.

Libertyandprosperity.org is a non-profit, tax-exempt education organization with these two missions:


  1. ?We teach the basic principles of liberty.? And how America enjoyed more wealth, peace, and justice than any other nation in history when our government officials complied with our Constitution, and equally protected the ?unalienable? rights of each citizen.


  1. We also teach practical politics–how to elect officials who understand, protect, and defend our Constitution, and basic principles of liberty.?? We explain how to recognize candidates and officials who are friends of liberty and of the Constitution.?? And how to be an effective candidate or campaign manager yourself if necessary.


We of Libertyandprosperity.org are ready, willing, and able to help you or your groups pursue these two missions.??? Please contact us to join, help, or work with us in any way.?? ?Thanks.? We cannot succeed until we all work together.


Please choose your level of support:


  1. ?Correspondent?No obligation.? Simply sign up for our free, weekly email update.??? Reply when you can with information on events we should be aware of and suggestions on what we should be doing.


  1. Donor- Most gifts to our organization are tax deductible.?? Please check you?re your accountant.?? And unlike contributions to candidates or political organizations donations to us can? be kept confidential if you so request, to avoid retaliation.


  1. Non-voting member*.?? For $30 per year, you not only get our email updates,? but also have the right to attend and speak at all business meetings.?? We encourage you to support our projects.


  1. Voting member*:?? Dues are $60 per year, and you have an obligation to attend at least 3 business meetings and work on one approved volunteer project each year.


  1. Leader*:? We welcome those who organize and lead our activities as an officer, trustee, or committee chairperson.


*Because we are a principle based organization, our by-laws require that all members and leaders demonstrate a commitment to our mission and our principles.


Please contact me or any member if you have any questions.


Seth Grossman, Executive Director


453 Shore Road

Somers Point, NJ? 08244


(609) 927-7333

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