Whoopi’s Holocaust Comments Product Of “Woke” History. Consistent With “National Socialism”.

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Whoopi Correctly Applied The “Woke” Narrative

Last Monday, Hollywood celebrity Whoopi Goldberg said on “The View” that Hitler’s mass murder of Jews during World War II was “not about race.”  She repeated this to Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show.”

Whoopi was immediately denounced as stupid and anti-Semitic.  Although she made numerous public apologies, she was suspended from “The View” for two weeks.

However, Whoopi’s statements perfectly reflect the narrative of the “woke” black history and Critical Race Theory that saturates our public schools, colleges, media, and Hollywood/TV entertainment.

The “Woke” Narrative:  Every Problem And Evil In The World Caused By Toxic White Men.

That narrative goes like this: Until about 600 years ago, most people in the world lived peaceful, comfortable, and environmentally sustainable lives.

Then, in the 1400s, a bunch of white men in Europe went crazy.  While abusing their women, they built ships and weapons to attack and exploit the rest of the world.  These crazy white men exterminated Native Americans, enslaved black Africans, and impoverished Asians.  They also started wars and polluted the planet to cause the catastrophic “climate crisis” we have today.

That is why today’s “woke” Democrats call for a “final solution” to put these crazy white people in their place.  That is why they demand mass migration, an anti-family/pro-abortion culture, harsh climate laws, and “reparations” to destroy their wealth and power.

Whoopi’s comments make a lot of sense to those who agree that skin color is the most important factor in human relations and history. To them, the Holocaust is just another example of toxic “white people doing it to white people.”

The “Woke” Narrative Is Dead Wrong.

Of course, Whoopi was dead wrong, as is anyone who believes that “woke” narrative. The world was not happy and peaceful before the rise of Western Europe and America.  Native Americans fought wars of extermination against each other. They sacrificed captives from other tribes to their gods long before Europeans arrived.  Arabs captured and sold so many black Africans as slaves that “abeed,” their word for slave, now also means black African.  It was normal for thousands of people around the world to die each year from war, hunger, and disease.

Western Europe and America changed all that in just a few hundred years.  We made our core Bible values based on “Love thy neighbor as thyself” the norm.  We ended slavery in most of the world.  Our constitutional governments protected the life, liberty, and property of individuals so they were free to make enormous advances in science, technology, industry, and farming.  This ended famine, controlled most diseases, and created machines to do the work that once made slaves and serfs necessary.

However, those stories are rarely told in America today.  Only stories with a “woke” narrative are permitted.

Today’s “Woke” Narrative In America Just Like “National Socialist” (Nazi) Narrative In Pre-Hitler Germany

Ironically, that “woke” narrative is very similar to what most Germans believed in the years before Hitler.

When Americans think of the Holocaust, we picture strong Nazi thugs beating and murdering helpless Jews.  We think thousands of supporters cheering Hitler and goose-stepping in massive parades.  Few Americans know that less than twenty years before, most of those Germans saw themselves as helpless and persecuted victims.

A new generation of German scholars is just starting to explain this.  One of them is Götz Aly, author of Why the Germans?  Why the Jews? Envy, Race Hatred, and the Prehistory of the Holocaust.  Aly gives these two short and logical explanations as to what happened.

First, long before Hitler, most Germans embraced a fake view of their history and themselves.  Although Germany by 1900 was one of the richest and most powerful countries in the world, most Germans still saw themselves as weak, persecuted, and disrespected. They were obsessed with memories of when their country was too divided to defend itself, and often invaded and occupied by powerful neighbors.  They were offended when the Wagner operas they adored were ridiculed by critics in London and Paris.

Second, Götz Aly explained that by the early 1900s, most Germans had thoroughly embraced the socialist ideas of Karl Marx. Aly wrote that this socialism made virtues of the deadly sins of envy and theft.  Socialism accepts the premise that if people think they have too little, they have the right to believe that others have too much.  Therefore, coveting what others have and using government to steal it are no longer violations of the Ten Commandments.  They are instead just demands for “reparations” or “redistribution.”

The TIK History video “National Socialism Was Socialism” makes that same point.  According to TIK History, Marxism is but one of many varieties of socialism.   However, all socialists to some degree blame a small “unsocialized” group for the problems of their society.  They all weaken or eliminate them and steal some or all of their stuff.  Some socialists are more extreme than others.  Revolutionary France killed its priests and aristocrats in 1792 and took their stuff.  Communists in Russia did that to land and business owners in 1919.  The Communist regime in China did it after World War II.

Today’s “Woke” Narrative Is Bringing America To The Same Place The National Socialist (Nazi) Narrative Took Germany, Italy, and Japan.

According to TIK History, it was politically easier for German “National Socialists” (Nazis) to select Jews rather than all rich businessmen and landowners, as their “unsocialized” group to attack and rob.

These new German scholars show that Hitler’s National Socialists closely followed the course of most socialist and Communist regimes.  Everything worked well until they ran out of other people’s money.  When Hitler’s National Socialists spent all the money they had robbed from Germany’s Jews, they had to invade and steal from other countries.

There are many similarities between what Germans believed in the years before Hitler and what “woke” culture is teaching black Americans today.  Black Americans today are systematically taught that:

  1. Every problem and failure in their communities is caused by somebody else, namely past or present “racist” whites.
  2. Skin color makes every black American a special person who cannot be understood or represented by anyone with a different skin color.
  3. Only black Americans suffered from slavery years ago and only whites were slaveowners.  Only black Americans suffer from rude or unfair treatment and insults. Therefore, black Americans can never be guilty of racism or bigotry.
  4. Political power, not education, training, planning, or discipline is the only way black Americans can succeed.  Since elections have replaced wars, the Democratic Party is today’s black army.  “Ballot harvesters” are today’s soldiers.
  5. Black Americans are entitled to use political power, violence, or “any means necessary” to take what they “need” from those with a different skin color who have more.  That can be through looting, higher minimum wages, “redistribution” or “reparations.”

This thinking caused millions of Germans to embrace National Socialism in the 1920s and 1930s.  Once National Socialists had absolute political power in Germany, there was no peaceful way to stop them.  While this was happening in Germany, very similar events were happening in Italy and Japan.  This thinking caused 14 years of world war and the deaths of some 85 million people — roughly 3% of the world’s population.  Sadly, this will happen again unless most Americans quickly understand and reject the lies and evil of this “woke” culture.

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