Why Don’t Either of These “Progressive” Democrat “Empower Women” Candidates for Congress Demand Immediate Re-Opening of Day Care Centers for All?

Amy Kennedy (above) and Brigid Harrison (below) are both running in the July 7 Primary Election to be the Democratic Party candidate for House of Representatives in South Jersey to run against now Republican Jeff Van Drew in November.  Both claim that only a “progressive” woman can promote “women’s rights” in Congress.  Yet neither has said or done anything to promote the most urgent and important issue right now.  Re-opening day care centers for ALL women and ALL children!


Right now, Governor Murphy only permits daycare centers to open only if they are “exclusively” for children of “essential” workers. That must change immediately as more businesses, offices, and recreation centers open.

Without daycare, few women with children can work unless they incur great hardship or expense.  Many women with young children can’t even go shopping or get a needed break!  Even worse, grandparents who help put themselves in greater danger.

If day care centers re-open, women can go back to work without unnecessary stress and expense. If they and their children are healthy, they are not likely get a life-threatening illness or need hospitalization even if they get infected with coronavirus. If they do get infected, they will then have immunity. That would make their parents, their families, and everyone in the community safer.

Cui bono? Who benefits? Who benefits from keeping day centers closed?   Who benefits from keeping so many capable women out of the workplace?  Who benefits from denying women with children opportunities the support their families and advance their careers?   Who benefits from making millions of working families dependent on government handouts and food banks? Who benefits from extending the coronavirus “emergency” to the November election?

Why do these two “progressive” Democrat candidates make statements every day supporting more rights and benefits for women, yet say nothing about day care for ALL women and ALL children? Why don’t they join other working women in demanding that Governor Murphy immediately re-open ALL day care centers?

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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