Why Democrats & Media Lied To Push Extreme NJ Abortion Law.

Last Monday, Governor Murphy, Steve Sweeney, and other top Democrats in New Jersey pushed through an extreme and barbaric new abortion law.  They falsely claimed it merely “codified” a “constitutional right to freedom of reproductive choice” that was already established by Roe v. Wade in 1973.  They claimed the law was needed to preserve abortion rights in New Jersey if the U.S. Supreme Court, with three new Republican justices, overruled Roe vs. Wade.

The “mainstream” media, including our local Press of Atlantic City, helped them get away with it.  They refused to “factcheck” these Democrats.  They refused to report ugly details in the new NJ abortion law that go far beyond Roe vs. Wade.

Click here for link to full text of NJ Senate Bill 49, 2020-2021 Session

The new abortion law is so extreme that five Assembly Democrats refused to vote for it, in spite of intense pressure from the Governor and legislative leaders.  One of them is Deputy Assembly Speaker Gary Schaer, a respected champion of the disabled.  Another is Democrat Gabriela Mosquera of Turnersville.   The media did not report this either.

The primary holding of Roe vs. Wade is that a pregnant woman has the right to choose an abortion until her fetus becomes viable.  Roe vs. Wade held that this was part of a mother’s “right to privacy” protected by the 9th and 14th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution.  (Click here or reference to case for Justia link to full opinion)

However, Roe vs. Wade also held that a fetus, or unborn baby has Constitutional rights after he or she becomes “viable”.  Therefore the government can regulate or restrict abortions to protect those rights, including the right to that baby’s life.  Roe vs. Wade in 1973 recognized that most fetuses or unborn babies became “viable” after the third month of pregnancy.  Today, ultrasound and other medical advances suggest that unborn babies become “viable” much sooner.

The new abortion law pushed by Democrats, and signed by Governor Murphy last Thursday goes far beyond Roe vs. Wade in the following seven ways:

Every pregnant woman has an absolute “constitutional”  and “civil right” to kill her “viable” unborn baby right up to the end of the eighth month of pregnancy

That “civil right” of a pregnant mother includes killing a “viable” unborn baby for gender selection, a common practice in Communist China.

Doctors, nurses and medical staff who refuse to abort a “viable” unborn baby can lose their licenses and jobs. No exceptions for religion or conscience objection.

Dangerous and psychological damaging late term abortions of clearly viable unborn babies can be done on minors without the consent or even knowledge of parents.

Anyone who interferes in any way with the “civil right” of a mother to killl a “viable” unborn baby, even at the end of the eighth month, can be sued for damages, including undocumented damages for “emotional distress”, punitive damages, and attorney fees.

Although the new law does not directly mandate all insurance and government sponsored health plans to cover and pay for all abortions, it does so indirectly by declaring all abortion to be a “civil right”.

The new law specifically equates the purchase of condoms and other contraceptives with aborting a “viable” eight month fetus as examples of “reproductive choice” now protected by law.  That statement in the statute codifies and justifies the fact that 48,110 abortions were performed in New Jersey in 2017, the most recent year for which statistics are available.  In 2014, New Jersey had the third highest rate of abortions in America.  Washington, DC had the highest, followed by New York.

There was virtually no debate or discussion of this new abortion law.  It was introduced on Thursday, January 6 and reported out of Senate and Assembly committees that same day.  It was presented for final vote by the full State Senate and Assembly two working days later, on Monday, January 10.  That was the last day before the end of the lame duck sessions.

Several Democrats who voted for the new law had been defeated for re-election. This detail was also was barely reported.

Why were “woke” Democrats so determined to rush this law through?  Why did they make their new abortion law so extreme and barbaric?

The answer is obvious to anyone who studied the radical left in the 1960’s.  SDS, a leading “New Left” group at the time said:  ‘The issue is never the issue.  The revolution is always the issue”.

The radical leftists do not raise issues and make demands to help people or solve problems.  They invent and promote whatever issues they think will help promote their “revolution”.  That means they invent and promote whatever issues they think will increase their power and support, and divide, weaken, or destroy their enemies.  Those leftists of the 1960’s and their disciples have been running the Democratic Party and most news organizations since Bill Clinton’s second term in the late 1990’s.

By making this new abortion as extreme, barbaric, and disgusting as possible, “woke” Democrats provoke decent, moral, Christian, and conservative Americans into strongly opposing it.

By refusing to report the extreme, barbaric, and disgusting details of the new abortion law and the arguments of critics, media fool most voters into believing the Democrat lies.  That is why most New Jersey voters now think this new abortion law offers common sense protection needed by most women.

This is a classic exercise of “identity politics”.  “Woke” Democrats use the abortion issue to force opponents to attack a policy that many voters believe is reasonable and necessary.  This is how Democrats persuade many women that voting for Democrats is needed to protect themselves from dangerous and unreasonable enemies who threaten their “reproductive rights”.

“Woke” Democrats work with the media to do this with many issues.  Three years ago, their lies convinced most Americans that long deceased Kate Smith “sang racist songs in the 1930’s”.  By doing that, Democrats could denounce anyone who sang or supported the singing of “God Bless America” at public events as a dangerous and bigoted racist.

“Woke” Democrats today and the media have used this same tactic to convince half of Americans that anyone who supports reasonable voting rules like a single Election Day, advance voter registration to check against fraud, and voter ID, is doing it to “suppress” the votes of black Americans.

What can we do?  I applaud those who organize rallies, and reach out to political and church leaders.

However, it is also important to understand how leftists have shaped the battlefield.  The reality is that most New Jersey voters now believe the new abortion law is reasonable and needed.  They think we are unreasonable enemies of women’s rights for opposing it.  Our top priority must be to change that false perception.

That is why it is important to teach and share the true details of the new law, and how and why Democrats and the media lie about them.

That takes work.  It means copying and pasting facts in posts like this and submitting them as letters to the editor in local print and online papers.  It means sharing them on social media like Twitter and Facebook.  It means opening and using alternative social media like Gab.com.  Look for us on Gab.com at @libertyandprosperity1776.

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