“Why Do White Christians Vote Republican, While Black Christians Vote Democrat?” Insightful Phil Vischer Video.

This very insightful and fact-based video is also on the Facebook Page of the Living Word of Faith Church International, in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey. 

It explains that when most white Christians (and most conservative Republicans of all faiths)  say “Make America Great Again”, we are talking about a return to ideas like this:

  •  Respect for Judeo-Christian values like the Ten Commandments and “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.
  • Small government that leaves us ordinary people free to make the most important decisions in our  own lives.  And lets us enjoy the benefits of our good choices, and accept the consequences of our bad ones.
  • “Boundless opportunity” to create and expand our own businesses and homes without being blocked by politicians who give us high taxes, and oppressive license and permit laws that protect their friends.
  • Clean and safe streets and  neighborhoods.

Most white Christians support these ideas and identify politically as conservative Republicans.  Most black Christians also support these exact same ideas.  However, they identify politically as Democrats.  How is this possible?

After giving a detailed history of race relations in America since the Civil War, Phil Vischer’s video explains that most black Christians simply don’t believe white Christians.  They say claims to “conserve” the ideas of America’s past, or “Make America Great Again” are “code” or “dog whistle” words.  They instead believe the false idea that those of us who say that really want America to again be place where blacks in the South were denied basic civil rights since the “Great Compromise/Betrayal” of 1877.

“What we have here is a failure to communicate.” (“Cool Hand Luke”, 1967)

We believes most Americans don’t believe us because of these three key facts that were NOT discussed by Phil Vischer:


  1.  It is true that many whites left the KKK Democrat Party and became Republicans in the South during the 1960s.  However, most whites in the South left the Democratic Party because they were waking up and turning against white bigots.  Also, many young Democrats in the South (like young Democrats in the North like me) were angry at how Lyndon Johnson betrayed the legacy of John F. Kennedy, a President we adored.  Kennedy inspired us with “Ask now what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country”.  Lyndon Johnson corrupted every level of government with massive new programs and agencies run by highly paid government employees dishing out “free” federal money to their friends and relatives.  Finally, many whites in the South were angry at riots taking place in many cities and on many college campuses run by Democrats.   Of course, some old white racist Democrats, like Strom Thurmond of South Carolina, did become Republicans.  However, they were a small and shrinking minority within the new Republican Party in the South.  Most old white racist Democrats remained George Wallace “Dixiecrats” until they gradually died out in the 1970s.1970s.

Manning Johnson was born in Washington, DC and became active in the Civil Rights movement in 1929 when he was 21 years old.  Three years later, Johnson was recruited by the Communist Party and paid to train as a “professional revolutionist” or “active functionary”.  During the 1930’s, Johnson was a national civil rights leader and professional organizer for the Communist Party.  In 1935, he was its candidate for Congress in New York’s 22nd District.  In 1939, Johnson left the Communist Party.  He said his reasons for leaving included the Communist Party’s “insincerity” in defending the “Scottsboro Boys”.  These were nine black teenagers falsely accused of raping two white women in 1931.  Johnson claimed the Communists were more interested in seeing the boys unjustly condemned so they could be martyrs for the movement.  Johnson also opposed Communist Russia’s 1939 alliance with Nazi Germany and its promotion of a separate “Soviet Negro Republic” in several Southern states.  For the next twenty years Johnson actively campaign against Communist infiltration of labor unions and civil rights groups in America.

2.   Communists and socialists funded by Communist Russia, China, and Cuba  invested much time and talent to hijack the Civil Rights movements.  This started in the 1930s with persuasive and talented celebrities like Paul Robeson.  They intensified their efforts during the “Cold War” of the 1950s and 1960s.  By the 1970s, many, if not most Civil Rights and Democratic leaders had completely abandoned Martin Luther King’s vision of equal rights and opportunities and a color-blind society.  They instead embraced “Black Power”, “affirmative action” and “diversity” goals and quotas in every area of life, and a culture of permanent victims, permanent grievances, and “reparations” based on race.  The political success and power of these groups depended on winning 95% of the “minority” vote to form a “Rainbow Coalition” majority in every election.


3.  Many, if not most American blacks who switched from Republican to Democrat in the 1930s were influenced by massive government funded propaganda like this short movie “We Work Again”.  For twelve years, Democratic President Franklin Roosevelt depended on  black votes in northern cities, as he also depended on votes from white racists in the Democrat “Solid South” that used violence and corrupt election officials to keep blacks from voting there.

Because of this, few member of Liberty and Prosperity are African Americans.  We are very unhappy with this and are doing our best to change it.  We hope to do it by teaching important facts like this that are suppressed by most of our media, schools, and Hollywood entertainment.

Click below for 16 “inconvenient” facts about race in America that “woke” Democrats don’t want you to know:

16 Stories To Refute “400 Years of Racism in America” Lie. Share Them With Your Children. But Most Important Story Is The One You Tell Of Your Own Family.


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