Why Today’s June 2 Primary Elections are so important. Why so few know it.

New Jersey?s Primary Election Day is today, Tuesday, June 2. ? Your regular polling place is open from 6AM to 8PM. ?Very few people know how Primary Elections work.? Very few candidates are running.? Very few people will vote today.

Every November, public schools, colleges, the media, and pop-culture all tell us it is so important for every citizen to vote.??? But that is only for November elections when Democrats run against Republicans.?? They barely mention June Primary Elections or explain how they work.

That?s why most people think ?independents? or the candidates of third, fourth, or fifth ?parties? with fewer than a dozen members are the only alternative to the Republican-Democrat organized crime family.

The bosses and elites who control and bankroll the Republican and Democrat parties want people to think that way.??? But the truth is that true independent candidates have a much better chance of winning June Primary elections than general elections in November.

That is because? party bosses have much less money to spend in June.?? And because turnout is so low in June Primaries, good candidates with a small group of dedicated supporters often have ten times the voting power in June than they have in November.

Both Republican and Democratic Party bosses(and their major donors) ?hate primary elections.? If they had their way, they would simply pick their party?s candidates in closed meetings of a handful of insiders.?? Years ago, they did that.??? Legally, both the Republican and Democrat Parties are private corporations with the same legal status as country clubs.? When Nucky Johnson was just starting his ?Boardwalk Empire?,? a handful of selected members of each party picked their candidates at rowdy private meetings where heavy drinking, fraud, bribery, threats and violence were often part of the candidate selection process.

Things eventually got so bad that state governments took control in the early 1900?s.? ?Now state law forces the two Big League parties, Republicans and Democrats, to let every voter participate in their candidate selection process by secret ballot.? But there are some reasonable restrictions.

To stop members of one party from systematically voting in the other party?s primary to choose weak opponents, voters must declare in advance which party primary they want to vote in.??? ?Virgin? or ?unaffiliated? voters who never voted in a primary before, can declare their party on the day they vote in their first June Primary.?? Voters who previously declared for one party can easily switch?as long as they do it in writing at least 50 days before the June Primary.

It is also important to know that voting in the Primary Election of one party in June does NOT obligate you to vote for that party?s candidates in November.??? Anybody can declare themselves Republican in June, and vote for every Democratic candidate on the ballot in November.???? And again, you can change your party affiliation as soon as you leave the voting booth in June.

Few people know these things because they are rarely taught in public schools or colleges.?? It is rarely discussed in newspapers or TV news programs. ??This is no accident.?? Who benefits by keeping most voters uninformed about June Primary elections?????? Whose interests are served by the media and public schools?

Because of lack of knowledge and interest in primary elections, there are very few contested elections in New Jersey on? June 2. ? ? Our group knows of only three contested Primary Elections in the entire state this year–all of them battles between conservative and establishment Repubolicans.?? They are contests for ?5th?Ward City Council in Atlantic City (Atlantic County), ?three ?County Freeholder seats in Morris County, and mayor and six council seats in Stafford Township (Ocean County).

If you know of any other races, please let me know so we can discuss them.?? Thanks.

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