Why No Media Stories Like This For The Far More Common Unprovoked “Random” Murders Of Whites By Blacks?

Above image:  When Dylann Roof targeted and murdered six people in a church in Charleston just because they were black, the media had every reason to report on what could have caused such racist hatred. Why is there no such reporting for far more common race unprovoked, racially motivated murders of whites by blacks?  Why do the headlines of such stories rarely even mention the race of the murderer and the victim?


Why is race not mentioned in one headline, but not the other?


The below photo and headline was published in the Toronto Sun in Canada.  The Guardian in Great Britain ran a similar story.  However, mainstream news in the United States left these facts out of their headlines.



In the very rare cases when the perpetrator is white and the victim black, the media includes photos of both directly above or below the headline.  That was not done with the Waukeshau murders.

The below headline for the Associated Press story was more typical of what was published and broadcast in the United States.



For two years, the headlines of almost every story about the Dylann Roof murders specifically mentioned that all victims were black, that the murderer was a “white supremacist”, the murders took place in a “historically black church”, and that the murders were “racially motivated”.


Above Image:  Dozens of media stories used this photo to blame southern Civil War monuments and  flying the Confederate flag at southern Civil War cemeteries for Dylann Roof’s murders.  However, the headlines of most stories of the racially motivated murders of six whites, and the maiming of dozens of others in Waukeshau, Wisconsin seemed to blame the SUV.


Have you seen anything in the mainstream media even suggesting a connection between the popular movie Django Unchained in December of 2012 and the epidemic of unprovoked “random” murders of whites by blacks since then?

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