Why We Fight

Why We Fight

By Seth Grossman, Political Columnist

(Reprinted from August 12, 2009 Current Newspapers of Atlantic County)
During the past few months, many folks have told me they like reading this column. That’s nice, but let me ask you to do more. Why not volunteer some time, and give some money to www.libertyandprosperity.org.

A few years ago, our group was not needed. What we teach was once taught in every school and college. Our principles were once praised in the most popular books, movies, and songs. Republican, Democratic, church, synagogue, social, business, and labor groups once all supported our common American values. A special Labor Day was set up in September, so our labor unions would not share the May Day labor holiday with groups that praised socialism and bashed America.

But now our group is needed. Today most Americans know very little about liberty, and care even less. Even “smart” business and professional people don’t understand how public support of our system of liberty, not their personal brilliance, lets them enjoy their wealth and success. They never think of how quickly they will lose everything if that system fails.

Our young people are completely clueless. But who can blame them? Our schools and colleges ignore, reject, and ridicule the basic elements of American liberty. Our pop culture has blamed America for all the violence, poverty, and environmental problems in the world ever since “American Woman” became a hit in 1970.

But there is good news. We Americans can regain our greatness as quickly as we lost it. We just have to again make liberty the most important part of our culture.

Over the years, we at www.libertyandprosperity.org developed an eight point program that applies basic principles of American liberty to some of our biggest problems. So far, very few Republicans or Democrats have publicly supported us. But you can quickly change that by taking control of one or both parties at the next June primary election.

1) No eminent domain for private gain. Government should only use force to take property from citizens for public use – not for “economic development” that takes from some, and gives to others.

2) Enforce immigration laws. Or repeal those laws and allow all 6 billion people in the world to legally enter our country. But don’t tolerate government officials who refuse to enforce laws they personally disagree with!

3) Make zoning and tax laws fair, simple, and apply them equally to everyone. Right now, zoning laws are so complicated, business taxes are so high, that few can afford to comply and pay for them. Politicians like it this way so they can reward the folks who keep them in power, and whack everyone else. This makes government expensive, corrupt, and unjust.

4) Cut spending to cut taxes. Most “taxpayer” groups demand lower taxes – but only by getting special breaks for themselves at the expense of others. We alone want lower taxes for everyone by cutting the cost of government.

5) Post all government salaries and contracts on the Internet. When our country was small, every Americans knew this. Thanks to internet knowledge, ordinary citizens can again have this information 24/7. Knowledge is power. Which is why government officials don’t want you to know how your tax money is spent!

6) Don’t lease, hock or sell our public highways. In 2008, police arrested us for handing out literature exposing this scam at Governor Corzine’s public “Town Hall” meetings. Corzine dropped his plan – for now.

7) Repudiate New Jersey’s Unconstitutional Debt: Our state constitution requires voter approval for all state debt. But Republicans and Democrats allowed independent state agencies to borrow roughly $118 billion without voter approval. Now they spend $4 billion of state tax money each year to pay it back. But why? We have no moral or legal obligation to do so!

8) Hold frequent referendums (public votes) on issues of public importance. Section 19:37-1 of the election law lets every county and local government put non-binding referendum questions on every election ballot at no cost. When your mayor says, “We can’t avoid a tax hike because the people don’t want us to cut services!”, put the issue on the ballot and let the people decide!

Many who generously support charities like food banks have no time or money for us. But those charities only help a few for a few days. Bringing liberty back to America will help many for a lifetime. Support our annual fundraiser this Labor Day, September 7, from 5PM to 7PM at Carolines in Somers Point. Tickets are $20 each, $25 per couple. Call 609-927-7333.

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