Why won’t Christie let Margate voters decide whether dunes or wooden seawalls best protect their town?

Lucy, the Margate elephant stood by the beach since 1881 with no sand dunes to protect it.??? After the destructive Hurricane of 1944,? that three foot high wooden wall was built along the full seven mile beach from Atlantic City to Longport.?? Those of us who live through storms at the beach know that this little wooden wall protects against destructive waves as much as a sand dunes.?? Nothing can protect against severed flooding during bad storms, ?because flood waters come up from the back bay.?? Ironically, the beach block is the highest part of a barrier island, and has the least flooding, with or without? dunes.?? Any storm strong enough to break through those wooden walls would melt all the sand dunes in less than an hour.??? Ask any eight year old with a bucket and shovel!?? A wooden seawall lasts for 60 years.??? Sand dunes need to be rebuilt by expensive, politically connected contractors every five or six years.?? The people of Margate don?t want that expense.?? And they know that sand dunes are ugly and expensive, and cause stagnant water that breeds mosquitos, greenheads, and disease.??? So why won?t Governor Christie let the people of Margate vote to keep using that wooden wall, instead of artificial piles of sand, to protect their homes??? Follow the money!

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2 thoughts on “Why won’t Christie let Margate voters decide whether dunes or wooden seawalls best protect their town?”

  1. Sand is always subject to environmental events of nature. Take a look at Ocean City after a few days of stormy weather. The beaches have a lot of erosion.

  2. Corruption and more corruption. We have to continue to shine light on it each time. Thanks, Seth. Yes, I am sure that Christie’s contractor buddies are front and center on this one. On an unrelated note, I am nauseous (sp ?) over how Christie has been throwing Steve Lonegan (somewhat quietly) under the bus. A lot more support from Rick Perry than Steve’s own governor. Disgusting !

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