Will Mailchimp Now Block Emails About Low COVID-19 Deaths & Biden Corruption?

Last week, Salon was the only left-wing news source to truthfully report what President Trump, and most doctors, have been saying for months.   Roughly 90% of Covid19 coronavirus deaths took place in first two months of pandemic.  That was because China refused to share truthful information about a virus they had studied for years at their Wuhan laboratory.  It took two months for U.S. doctors to do the research from scratch and to learn how to protect the sick and elderly, while treating those who were infected.  Many treatments were as simple as prescribing aspirin to prevent deadly blood clots in the lungs!   However, both Facebook and Twitter blocked, restricted, or “fact-checked” the posts of anyone who said this.   That is why we urge all our followers to subscribe to our free email updates.   Hundreds of followers subscribed during the past few weeks.  We are now reaching them with emails.  Is that why Mailchimp threatened to block our emails last night if we post anything they “in their sole discretion” is “misleading in a way that might deceive or confuse others”?

The official New Jersey government COVID app confirms that deaths have not increased from the levels of summer months when Governor Murphy claimed the virus was under control in this state.

Florida opened restaurants and most businesses in early May nearly six months ago. Florida has 21 million people, nearly three times as many as New Jersey.  Many are elderly.   Yet new infections are steady, and not overwhelming hospitals.  Death rates appear to be comparable or less than those for seasonal flu.  We have been blocked by both Facebook and Twitter for posting facts like these.   Is Mailchimp preparing to block our emails as well?

We have used Mailchimp to deliver our bulk emails for the past ten years without any problems.   We never sent anything that was violent, threatening, or obscene in any way.  Yet three hours ago, we were warned that our account can be “suspended” or “terminated” if we violate “important changes” to Mailchimp’s “Standard Terms of Use (STOU)”.  Is this because Mailchimp plans to block messages that don’t promote the Democratic Party narrative during the week before the election?   Do they intend to suppress news of voter fraud?  Or early Trump victories?

Tonight’s Mailchimp message concluded with this:  “Mailchimp does not allow the distribution of Content that is, in our sole discretion, materially false, inaccurate, or misleading in a way that could deceive or confuse others about important events. . . “

During the past few months, the mainstream media refused to report many fully documented, undisputed facts highly relevant to the election.  They included:

  1.  Coronavirus deaths are at an all time low because we are shielding the sick and elderly, and effectively treating the young and healthy.

       2.  Vice-President Joseph Biden received bribes in exchange for using his public office to give technology, trade deals, and influence to the Communist regime of China.

We and other conservative outlets have done our best to inform people of facts like these through Facebook, Twitter, email, and this Webpage.   During the past eight months, Facebook and Twitter blocked our messages and made it impossible for us to “reach” between 60% and 95% of our audience.

To get around this, we sent emails urging people to visit this page, and post links to our stories as “comments” to FakeNews articles by CNN, Washington Post, Atlantic, USA Today, NPR, etc. that are spammed to our Facebook and Twitter feeds.

We also urged people to open accounts with Gab.com and Parler.com.

Now, as the election gets closer, Mailchimp, our Bulk Email Server, just informed us that it may start blocking our emails.   If you have not done so already, please subscribe to our email updates, so we can reach you through a different server if we have to.   Thanks!

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