Will this pipe by side of road really “ruin” 1.1 million acres of NJ Pine Barrens?

NJ Board of Public Utilities (BPU) just gave S. J.?Gas OK to install these gas pipes underground along about 20 miles of rural roads in South Jersey.?? They will bring cheap, clean, and plentiful natural gas from Pennsylvania to Marmora so?old coal electric power plant by Parkway Milepost 27 can stay open.?? Pipeline will also cut cost of heating our homes and businesses.


(Photo by Press of Atlantic City 7/23/2015)


Relentless opposition by environmental already cost us two years of delay and a fortune in legal and public relations costs.?? More?opposition?means more delay and higher gas prices and taxes to pay for this.

Why??? These same groups first opposed coal.?? Then they opposed nuclear.?? Then they opposed all oil projects.?? Now they oppose natural gas?the cleanest and most abundant fuel around!

These?”green” activists?know wind turbines and solar panels triple our electric bills?yet ?can barely?heat a frozen pizza or run a?refrigerator.

Trevor Loudon says that most members of these groups were duped into thinking they are fighting for clean air and water. But their national leaders are hard core radicals of ?Democratic Socialists of America? with a far different agenda.?? They are serving their masters in Russia, China, Cuba, and Venezuela.?? They were?indoctrinated, trained, and paid ?to make America too weak, divided, and broke to oppose their masters.? So far, they have succeeded beyond the wildest dreams of their bosses. #LandP1776

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