Wind Cost Questions for the Legislators

  • The BPU has imposed the cost of 3,700 MW of unreliable wind energy on the rate payers. Is the energy affordable? Who knows, certainly not the BPU!
  • The New Jersey chemical industry estimates wind and solar will have massive detrimental effects to the industry. This report should set off alarms and investigations. High energy costs will affect all residents since they will raise the price of all products and services.
  • Why should electric rates increase with wind and solar being built. They are allegedly the cheapest electricity ever generated.  Rates should decrease, not increase.
  • High electric rates and subsidies supposedly promote a vibrant solar and wind industry? How do high rates affect other industries and households? How many jobs are lost in other industries? Identify any society that has prospered under high costs and unreliable energy.
  • Energy is essential for a human flourishing society. To be useful for humans, the energy must be affordable, reliable and plentiful. Affordability is becoming an unknown in New Jersey.
  • Until reasonable and verifiable costs estimates are calculated and publicly reviewed and discussed, all Wind contracts should be placed on hold. in the article



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