July 6 Radio Message: Target ‘Cancels’ July 4th. Lies and Bribes Win Ocean Wind Turbine Approvals. Move Ocean Wind Forward. Nobody Talking About Critical State Issues: Bailing Out Corrupt/Insolvent Public Employee Pensions, Doing Nothing To Fix 2016 Bail “Reform”, Borrowing and Spending To Fix Non-Existent Lead Pipe Problem.

Listen to JULY 6 episode of Talk with A Purpose. WPG radio. Seth Grossman as featured guest.

No books about July 4, Creation of America, Founding Heroes at Somers Point Target store. They didn’t even display or sell a single American flag!  But they had lots of books and special displays for MLK Day, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Pride Month, etc.

America has lots to celebrate on July 4. Abraham Lincoln: Far more than “mere separation of colonies from motherland”. In 1776, America embraced these “self-evident” truths. We are all created equal. We are endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights, including life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  To secure these rights, governments are instituted, exercising their just powers with the consent of the governed”.

Yes, there were slaves in America in 1776. There had been slaves throughout the world for more than 5,000 years! However, slavery ended in America and most of the world roughly four score and seven (87) years later.  Coincidence? Timeline suggests Abraham Lincoln was right.  Click here for link to previous post:  July 4 Celebrates An America Built On These ‘Self-Evident Truths’ – Not Just Our Independence From England – Liberty and Prosperity

Condemning America because some people did bad things 250 years ago is like condemning a good man because he did bad things as a child or teenager.  Nations, like people, grow, learn and mature.

New Liberty and Prosperity Radio commercial.

Play old songs from 1962 and 1963. Remind people what life in America was like in 1962 and 1963.

Every family could afford a safe, comfortable home with just one parent working. No state income tax or sales tax. Lowest gas tax in country. Safe roads and highways. Excellent teachers and schools. Rich and poor lived in same neighborhoods. Went to same schools. Safe to walk in any neighborhood, day or night. Didn’t lock doors. Didn’t close doors in summer. Children walked to and from school. Played outside until dinner.

We started to lose all that in 1963. We were too busy building careers, paying bills and raising families to notice. What changed? Before we decide which way to go. Let’s go back and find out where we made the wrong turn.

It began with murder of President John F. Kennedy on November 22, 1963.  But there were many things.  Some were deliberate and systematic. Nov 22 1963 JFK assassination. Civil Rights movement got hijacked in the 60’s.  Blacks who succeeded through education, work, training and savings were ridiculed as “Uncle Toms”. Young Blacks were taught to use politics, violence and government to succeed.  Public employee unions turn public servants into public masters. Kids get coddled. Taught to expect quick, easy solutions for every problem  — usually through more government borrowing and spending.

Ocean Wind gets Federal approval. Corruption. Higher rates. More blackouts. Cost of repairing turbines. A fake project. Cost of removing them. Hidden costs of so-called green energy. Purely political project. Govt money to bribe people.

Are Hidden Fees In Your Gas Bill Paying To Promote Offshore Wind Turbines?  Bill: $35.32 for one ‘therm’ of natural gas. One of therm is roughly 100 cubic feet of natural gas. It has roughly the same energy as a gallon of gas.  Seth Grossman was billed 43 cents for using one therm of natural gas last month with a $1.14 “Delivery Charge” for a total of $1.57.  That was cheap compared to $3.49 for a gallon of gas at Wawa.  Why aren’t we making natural gas cars that would work for roughly $1.57 a gallon instead of expensive electric cars?  Why was Seth Grossman billed a “customer charge” of  (equal to a gallon of gasoline. The cost of producing and delivering the equivalent of one gallon of gasoline to my office was $1.57, and lot cheaper than paying $3.49 for a gallon of gasoline at Wawa. But I had to pay a monthly customer charge of $33.75 to buy $1.57 of natural gas.  Is any of that “customer charge” being used to promote “green energy” including 240 wind turbines n the ocean near Long Beach Island, Brigantine, Atlantic City and Ocean City, NJ?

Last things we should talk about are what nobody else is talking about:

Insolvent Pension Fund. Defaults.

Ponzi scheme. For years, no connection between what public employees pay into pension funds and what they are paid when they retire. In 2016, the NJEA Teacher’s Union went to war against George Norcross and Steve Sweeney. The NJEA wanted a State Constitutional Amendment to compel the state to create a new state property tax on top of the local, county and school property taxes to bail out the state pension system. State Senate President Steve Sweeney refused, saying it would break the backs of NJ taxpayers.  In 2017, the NJEA spend $5 million to defeat Sweeney. George Norcross raised $5 million to keep Sweeney in office.  The NJEA failed in 2017, but succeeded in 2021 with a “stealth” campaign.  In 2023, Norcross friend and ally John Burzichelli won back Sweeney’s seat.  Last November, Sweeney announced he was running for Governor.  Six months later, Norcross was indicted for political corruption that allegedly took place 11 years ago.

Repeal of 2016 Bail Reform.  In 2016, voters foolishly approved a state constitutional amendment that makes it impossible to put many dangerous criminals in jail until their trial. Everybody knows it’s bad. Every prosecutor, police officer, and crime victim knows this. So why didn’t a single Democratic or Republican Assembly Member or State Senator even try to introduce a new state Constitutional Amendment to repeal that bad amendment?  The Legislature must approve the proposed Amendment by July to be on ballot in November.

Recycling is fake. It’s a waste of time, money, and gasoline. What happens to the stuff you put in the blue recycling can?   Most is dumped in garbage dumps here. Some put on cargo ships to poor countries and dumped there.  The only recycling that makes any sense is aluminum cans. They have value.  They can be picked up and sold for a profit.  However, it is a crime for anyone other than a government recycling agency to do that. Why not get government out of recycling scam and let private businesses collect and sell aluminum cans.

We are paying a fortune for a new lead poisoning hoax.  Longport: Borrow $4.5 million to dig up streets, take out old lead pipes. Install new pipes. Repair street. So far, zero evidence that lead from water is a problem in New Jersey. After ordering every town in New Jersey to replace lead pipes, NJ is just starting to do surveys to find out if there is any lead in our drinking water.   7,000 landlords in New Jersey now have to pay for expensive lead inspection. Notice to all thousands of random homeowners. Condo in Atlantic City.  All this is driving up taxes and the cost of rent and home ownership.

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