Wind Turbine Sham, NJEA Drag Queens, Newspapers Sanitize Crime.

Ocean City public hearing about ORSTED running cables thru town.

Wind Farm featuring 200 turbines, just off the coast of Brigantine, AC & OC.

No evidence that turbines can power so many homes.

ACUA has never proved their claim. No trials. Pure speculation.

Need steady, consistent wind. Still need back-up generator running on fossil fuel. No way to store excess energy.

  • Each 900 ft wind turbine costs 10 million.
  • Harm marine life.
  • Dangerous for fisherman.
  • An expensive experiment.

Drag Queens Featured at NJEA Teacher Convention in Atlantic City.

Why sexualize young children? Transgender Surgery.

1619 Project. Anti-white curriculum.

  • Ocean City elected 4 new, ‘pro-parent’ school board members.
  • Teachers Union. Raising $144 million each year. Most powerful political org in the USA.
  • Far left activists don’t want parents involved.

Special Ocean City High School student club. Nobody cares what you do in your bedroom. It’s not an achievement to have a certain type of sex.

Violence sanitized by local newspapers.

Selective about reporting on race. Ignoring black on black crime. Media only looks to attack white males.

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