Woke Disney, School Indoctrination, Atlantic City Boardwalk. 4.23.22

Listen to Seth Grossman appearance on John Demasi radio show, WPG 4.23.2022.

  • Yuri Besmenov warned against ideological subversion.
  • Why is Disney going far left? Destroying the American family.
  • Some teachers indoctrinating children. Some schools using classic mafia tactics; so-called ‘stand-up’ guys.
  • Propaganda in standardized tests. Weeding out teachers with a conscience. Parental rights legislation.

NJ Gov Murphy & the WOKE billionaires. 

  • Compelled to promote the Woke Agenda.
  • Attend School board meetings.
  • More parents are home schooling their children.

Elon Musk saving Twitter. 1st Amendment.

LeggoLand instead of Disney.

Take a walk on the Atlantic City Boardwalk – It’s like skid row. A third world hell-hole.

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