“Woke” Socialist Democrats Even More Dangerous When Their Failures & Absurdities Are Exposed.

Submitted by David Goloff and Seth Grossman

You are watching the Tucker Carlson show (or maybe Judge Jeanine). You may laugh out loud at the latest absurdities of “woke” socialist Democrats. You may shake your head in disbelief as you learn the abysmal failures of their programs and real harm that they do. When the show is over you may lean back and think, “Now they’re done”. or “Wow, they’re desperate!”.  You may think the insanity of extreme leftists has finally been exposed for all to see.   You may think the Democratic Party as it now exists will collapse.  We may assume most voters, the educated elites, and corporate sponsors will now reject its “woke” agenda.  It seems we have nothing to do but keep watching TV as these events unfold.    

Don’t believe this! As Ayn Rand said, “Today’s uncontested absurdities are tomorrow’s accepted slogans.”  “Woke” Democrats, unlike most Republicans, do far more than talk about what they want to do.  They do it every time they get the chance.  They turned downtowns and many neighborhoods in Atlantic City and most big cities in America into dangerous and filthy Hell-holes.  Their schools, colleges, media, and entertainment industry are now producing their third generation of young Americans completely ignorant of basic knowledge and skills needed to function in a civilized, let alone free and prosperous, modern society.  They saturated roughly half our people with unsustainable ideas and attitudes that blame every problem, failure, and disappointment in life on somebody else. Today’s “woke” Democrats take no responsibility for the jealousy, resentment, and hatred they create, or the crime, violence and riots they cause.  They do not see any absurdity or failure on their own part.  They never will. They only see themselves as idealistic, forward-thinking, revolutionaries on a heroic mission to defeat and destroy evil people like you!

When “Bolsheviks” (what today’s Communists then called themselves) took control of the Russian government in 1917, some of their opponents were at first happy.  They believed shortages of food, fuel, and housing and other obvious failures of the new regime and its unworkable ideas would bring its quick collapse.  When Hitler was appointed to a position of responsibility in Germany’s democratically elected government in 1933, many of his opponents predicted that the obvious failures of his “national socialism” would quickly discredit him. Sadly, those who thought this were quickly proven to be dead wrong.

Here is the key point – Socialist democrats are not discouraged by their failures or by your ability to see through their absurdities. On the contrary, their failures and appearance of absurdity enrage energize them with even more hatred against you. The way they see it – you and your way of life are causing their programs to fail. The way they see it, your thinking is “outdated”, “extreme right wing”,  “white supremacist”,  and “racist”.  The way they see it, you and your ideas are what make people think they and their ideas are absurd. 

To these “woke”, socialist, “progressive” Democrats, all criticism and ridicule of them and their ideas, and the failures of their programs only remind them that they need to work harder to gain more power .  They will use more violence and go deeper into critical race theory to discredit you and destroy every idea, value, and institution of Western Civilization that stands in their way. They will regroup if necessary. They will make a temporary strategic retreat if necessary.  When you think they are defeated, they will make a careful study of their loses and plan the next attack accordingly. They will never change their fundamental notions.  On the contrary, they will believe even more strongly that Western Civilization is a flawed, evil, and corrupt system that must be destroyed “by any means necessary”.

We cannot passively wait for them to collapse or implode. It will never happen. They will never stop. No concession will ever be enough. They will never admit that their ideas do not work – it will always be our fault their ideas don’t work and seem absurd. We must have our own affirmative actions and positions to promote Judeo-Christian Freedom American style.

We need all conservatives to get involved, donate money, and learn that freedom doesn’t come from government. We need to win the political battles with the objective of less government and more freedom. Be wary when anyone wants to spend more tax money, increase government involvement, or have government solve our problems. Freedom has its problems – but it’s your problem to solve your own way and in association with those you choose to work with.

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director



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