Are Hollywood Movies Like “Django Unchained” & Other Fake Black History Making Murders Like This Normal In America?

When will we routinely investigate whether killers like Damien Fergusen on the right saw Quentin Tarantino’s movie “Django Unchained”?  When will we learn what killers like him were taught in their “Black History” courses in public school?

Were these murderers ever taught that thousands of white Americans fought and risked everything they had to end slavery in America for more than 20 years before the Civil War?  Were they taught that 310,000 white Americans died to end slavery in America during the Civil War?  Were they taught that millions of blacks enjoyed safe, prosperous, and comfortable lives when they left the Jim Crow Democrat South and came to places like Harlem, Philadelphia, and Atlantic City during the 50 year “Great Migration” from 1874 to 1934?  Do they know that most of the violence and poverty they see in black communities today started in 1965 with the open borders, welfare-state socialism, of the Democratic Party together with incompetence and corruption of Democratic one party control in most black communities?

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If it turns out that these murders are the direct result of hateful lies and fake history imbedded in Hollywood movies and “Black History” courses, when will lawsuits be brought or other legal action taken against those who profited from them?

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Seth Grossman, Executive Director

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