Ass-backwards federalism forcing 16 foot dunes along Boardwalk on widest beaches in NJ!

State DEP and Fed Army Engineers demand 16 foot dunes along Wildwood? Boardwalk. ??See? Wildwood?mayors divided.?

Locals know that wide beaches with wooden sea-walls are enough to fully protect beachfront towns like Margate from ocean flooding.? ??The beach in Wildwood is now so wide that it reaches the ends of most ocean piers.??? Building artificial 16 foot dunes along the Boardwalk is ridiculous.??? But both Federal and? State officials under Christie won?t even agree to lower the dunes to 12 feet!

Forcing every beachfront town in NJ to build high dunes is like when Governor Christie closed ?state courts and motor vehicle offices when it rained in South Jersey on February 5–just because it snowed elsewhere in the state.

Why should Margate and Wildwood citizens have to spend time and money attending public hearings and organizing opposition to this.

The U.S. Declaration of Independence explains our nation was created to recognize certain ?self-evident? truths.?? One of them is that ?Governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed?.

Weren?t big federal and state governments created to help small local governments when they could not take care of big national and statewide problems???? Shouldn?t ?these big governments ?be here only when our local officials ask for their help.??? Isn?t it ass backwards for big state and federal governments to come here uninvited and tell our us to build and pay for things we don?t want and don?t need?

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  1. And you have to love the dunes in AC!

    Hey visitors: Enjoy a stroll along the the world-famous Atlantic City boardwalk – just don’t expect to see the ocean. Really?

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