Big Climate Lies As Undisputed Facts In Front Page Headline, Lead in Press of Atlantic City Last Saturday.

Front page headline and lead of September 4, 2021 Press of Atlantic City presented hotly contested climate change opinions as undisputed facts.  Meanwhile Press did not report a word of climate expert Michael Shellenberger refuting those opinions when he spoke in Ocean City, NJ last July.

The Press of Atlantic City front page headline last Saturday, Sep. 4 , was “Storm threats harder to predict”.  The lead was “Climate change is making storms stronger, more severe.  It’s also making storm predictions and preparation more difficult”.  Both statements were presented as undisputed “self-evident” facts.  However, both the headline and lead are hotly contested opinions at best, and blatant lies at worst.  When journalists were expected to be impartial, editors instructed reporters who submitted this to re-write their stories using verifiable facts.

No facts were presented in this news article to support its “Storm threats harder to predict” headline.  The only facts presented say just the opposite!   It quotes two meteorologists from the National Weather Service in Mount Holly as saying the weather forecasts were accurate.  Both called “the senior political leadership” in New York and New Jersey as “oblivious” and “negligent” in ignoring those forecasts.  It is obvious that these “woke” Democrat politicians are falsely blaming “climate change” for their own incompetence.  (In all fairness, it looks like the Press later corrected its headline in the online edition).

The article also presented no evidence that “climate change is making storms stronger, more severe”.  The only person quoted as saying that was Democrat State Senator Steve Sweeney!  Sweeney is a retired union leader who built his career having New Jersey government incur unsustainable debt to fund bloated costs of construction projects.  He is a career politician, NOT a scientist!

The article did quote a statement by “Climate Central, a Princeton based non-profit focused on raising awareness of a warming environment”.  It said “for every degree the Earth warms, there is a 4% increase in the amount of water vapor in the air, making extreme flooding events more likely”.  However, the article did not present any facts suggesting that the earth is warming or if “extreme flooding events” are more likely.  It did not suggest how much of such warming could be caused by human activity, and how much as part of a natural cycle that started with end of last Ice Age.

Click here for the full Press of Atlantic City article “Storm threats harder to predict” in print edition. Notice also how a different headline was used in the online edition.  Tug of war between government officials, forecasters on if Ida’s threats were communicated correctly | Local News |

Last July 15, Michael Shellenberger, respected environmentalist and author of “Apocalypse Never”, spoke in Ocean City, New Jersey.  There he discussed these issues in great detail.  He pointed out that changes in the earth’s temperature are very slight and “manageable”.  Sullenberger said nuclear reactors could easily replace most fossil fuels, while wind and solar projects were making burning more fossil fuels and making problems worse.

It is also difficult to tell how much warming is created by human activity, and how much is from warming and cooling cycles that have been going on for billions of years.  The earth is obviously a lot warmer now than during the last Ice Age 10,000 years ago.  Also, how do we determine what temperature was the “correct” temperature during earth’s 4 billion year history?

Sullenberger also said that flood damage is increasing because people are building more expensive homes and businesses closer to the water, not because storms are getting worse.  He also said wildfires in California were caused by poor forest management, not climate change.

The Press of Atlantic City did not cover Michael Shellenberger’s lecture in Ocean City last July.  It never report how he systematically exposed the lies of “climate change” with scientific fact after fact.  However, last Saturday, it printed those climate change lies as if they were facts in its front page headline and lead.  This is not an accident.  Today’s journalists believe it is their job to promote a “progressive” political agenda, not to impartially present the news.  For more than a hundred years, “progressives” have believed that ordinary citizens cannot be trusted with making the most important decisions in their own lives.  This is classic propaganda, not news.  the most deadly and effective propaganda involves both the telling of lies, and with covering up of important truths.

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  1. Hi Mr. Grossman,
    Thank you for bringing the real climate change facts out in the open. I enjoy reading all your emails you send us. You are a great asset to our community. Thank you for fighting for Atlantic County.
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