Black History Month, Redneck Culture

Black History Month.

Thomas Sowell and Redneck Culture.

Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock.

Why so much anger?

Scotch Irish along the frontier.

Destructive culture of drinking and fighting.

White Liberals.

Black on Black crime.

Teen riot at Atlantic City basketball game.

Song of the South. Uncle Remus.

2 thoughts on “Black History Month, Redneck Culture”

  1. “Diversity is a bunch of crap.”

    “I was distracted trying to prove I’m not a racist.”

    “I see a path to victory by saying things that everybody knows are true, but that Jeff Van Drew, and other politicians are afraid of saying because of political correctness”

    Yeah, these comments aged like fine wine.

  2. My full statements, taken in context, aged very well.

    1. In May of 2018, when I was asked whether a primary opponent with a different ethnic background would bring diversity to the Republican Party, I said, “Diversity is a bunch of crap and un-American. People should be hired, promoted, and given scholarships based on their work, talent, and achievement, not by how many diversity boxes they can check”.

    2. I narrowly lost as a Republican candidate for Congress in the “Blue Wave” Elections of 2018. That was because clueless and cowardly NJ and national Republican political leaders like Kim Guadagno and Steve Stivers, repeated Democrat lies about me. Thankfully, both were discredited and are now gone from leadership positions in the Republican Party. Also, it is now obvious that “woke” Democrats and their fake media falsely call every Republican a racist. Had those GOP leaders helped me call out Democrats for their lies instead of repeating them, I and many other Republican candidates for Congress could have won our elections in 2018.

    3. I was narrowly defeated by Democrat candidate Jeff Van Drew in 2018. When Democrat leaders like Nancy Pelosi said the same lies about him that they said about me, Van Drew switched parties, became a Republican, and was re-elected in 2020 and 2022.

    I personally think the comments I made in 2018 agred very well. In fact they were fairly prophetic.

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