‘Black Information Network’ (BIN) Radio Hurts All Americans By Trashing George Washington

Above Image:  Three years ago, iHeartMedia created BIN, or the Black Information Network.  It is an all-news radio network of 15 stations targeting the African-American communities around the nation.  Today, it has roughly 65 stations. Its “Founding Sponsors” include Bank of America, CVS, GEICO, Lowes, McDonalds Sony, 23 and Me, and Verizon.

Although it has stations in New York and Philadelphia, I never heard of this network until I randomly found WXBN, 880 AM while driving near Miami, Florida last week.

The information I heard for more than an hour on BIN radio last week was classic hate-America, socialist, and “woke” Democrat propaganda.

There is a big difference between news and propaganda.  News provides facts concerning important current and historical events needed to be informed in important public and personal issues.  Propaganda gives only facts that support one political agenda, and does not give any facts or information to support any other point of view.

All of the “news” involved stories of some alleged mistreatment of someone who was specifically  identified as Black by someone who was specifically identified as either White or a police officer.  Even a routine story of a union dispute involving hospital employees mentioned that “most hospital employees are black or brown”.  One story of a well-known Black rap music artist who was murdered in a drive-by shooting did not mention the race or motive of the alleged or suspected shooters.

BIN radio also presents “Black History” segments that are also propaganda.  I happened to hear a segment on George Washington.  George Washington was far more than a great American.  He was the father of our country.  There would have been no United States of America had it not been for George Washington.

George Washington is a perfect role model for children growing up in one parent homes.  Washington had to drop out of school at age 11 when his father died.  He gave himself an education by reading on his own.  He worked without pay for more than a year to learn surveying, a useful trade in much demand.  Young George Washington taught himself how to properly speak, dress, dance and engage in conversation so he could socialize with wealthy and educated families and marry well.  He eventually became one of the richest men in America.

Above Image:  When the British Empire recognized the independence of the 13 United States, George Washington disbanded most of the Continental Army, and resigned at its Commander.  Throughout the world other successful military commanders like Napoleon in France and Jean-Jacques Dessalines in Haiti made themselves dictators after winning their wars.

George Washington also risked all of his wealth and his life to make America a land of liberty and prosperity for all Americans.  He did that my creating and commanding an army that defeated the most powerful army in the world in a brutal eight year war.  After winning the war, he then walked away from government so Americans would learn how to run our own government.  When that government was about to fail, George Washington called for and presided over a Constitutional Convention to create “a more perfect Union”. George Washington then became our first President.  He gave Americans unprecedented growth, peace and prosperity.  However, he stepped down after eight years of success.  He again wanted Americans to get used to running our own country.

The Black Information Network, of course, did not mention any of this in its “Black History” on George Washington.  It simply reported that George Washington owned 317 slaves at the time of his death.  It also said that Washington broke Pennsylvania law when he lived in Philadelphia, then the capital of the United States.  That is because several of his slaves lived with him in Pennsylvania at the time.

Since the full story of George Washington is no longer taught in our public schools, colleges, or Hollywood and TV Entertainment, the so-called “Black History” segment of Black Information Network radio confirmed that hate-America, socialist propaganda of “woke” Democrats.

That propaganda falsely teaches that America was founded by white racists as a white racist country.  That propaganda leaves out these inconvenient facts.

George Washington was eleven years old when his father died and when he inherited his father’s farm with eleven slaves.  George Washington later married into a family that owned more slaves.  George Washington did not create slavery, or capture or buy slaves.

However, what is most important is that George Washington’s views on slavery changed as he grew older.  As a young man, George Washington thought that slavery was normal.  He also at first thought that he treated his slaves fairly.  He recognized their marriages, did not break up families, and gave them the same housing, clothing, food, and medical care as free black and white workers.

However, George Washington realized the evil of slavery when several of his slaves escaped to join the  British after 1775.   When America obtained independence, George Washington set up a complicated legal plan to make sure that all of his slaves were free and financially independent when he and his wife died.

When George Washington had some of his slaves living with him in Philadelphia, they all knew they would soon be free and self-sufficient.  Nobody would have re-captured them if they walked away.  However, those details were not mentioned in the “Black History” segment of BIN radio.

George Washington, like most Framers of our Constitution approved a provision in our Constitution that limited the voting power of slaveowners, and ended the importation of new slaves in twenty years.  Years later, Abraham Lincoln did careful research proving that Washington and most of the Founding Fathers did not risk breaking up the Union in an immediate fight to eliminate slavery  only because they thought slavery was already on the verge of “ultimate extinction”.

Of course, that did not happen.  In the early 1800’s the invention of the cotton gin and mass production of fabric in England made cotton and slavery as obscenely profitable as fentynal, crack-cocaine and human trafficking are today.  That caused slavery to expand, rather than die out as expected in cotton states like Georgia, Misssissippi, Alabama, Louisiana and Arkansas.

George Washington can be criticized for being short sighted on this issue.  But there is no historical evidence that Washington or most other Founders expected the enslavement of black Americans to continue as it did.

It is also important to remember that Americans did end slavery “four score and seven years” (87 years) after our independence.

There were several reasons for this.  First, our founding document, our Declaration of Independence, held that we are all created equal and endowed by our Creator with certain unalienable rights.

Our nation was built on Judeo-Christian Bible values.  They included the idea that slavery was a temporary condition and that all slaves were to be set free in a “Jubilee” after fifty years.

In 1808, America abolished the importation of new slaves.  Since then, most Americans fought bitterly to stop the expansion of slavery into new states and territories.  Between 1861 and 1865, roughly 1.8 million young White Americans and some 180,000 young Black Americans fought to end slavery in our Civil War.  Of them, roughly 310,000 Whites and 40,000 Blacks died.

At the end of the Civil War, our Constitution was amended three times to end slavery, and provide equal legal rights, including voting rights, to Black Americans.  When White Democrats denied those rights to most Black Americans in the South, millions left to find liberty and prosperity in Atlantic City and countless other towns in the North and West.

These are important facts of Black History and American History.  However, they are not mentioned in the “Black History” of BIN radio.

BIN radio also failed to compare George Washington with other leaders of his time, especially Black leaders of Black majority countries like Haiti.  It also failed to compare how life for Blacks became better in America, than in any other country in the world.

In spite of the decline of living standards in American cities run by Democrats, most Black Americans have more freedom, wealth, and safety than Blacks living anywhere else in the world—especially in Black majority countries like Haiti.

True Black History would explain why Blacks today are much better off in a nation founded by a George Washington, a White slaveowner than by a Jean-Jacques Dessalines, a Black slave.

In many ways, Jean-Jacques Dessalines was the George Washington of the Black majority nation of Haiti.  Dessalines was Black and born a slave in Haiti.  Washington was White, and became the legal owner of ten Black slaves in Virginia at age eleven.

Dessalines and Washington were both brilliant military commanders.  Dessalines created and commanded an army of Black Haitians that defeated powerful French armies sent by Napoleon in five years of war.  Washington created and commanded a Continental Army of Americans that defeated the powerful British Army in eight years of war.

Above Image:  In 1805, soldiers of Jean-Jacque Dessalines murdered thousands of unarmed white and mixed-race men, women, and children in the city of Santo Domingo when it was part of Haiti.

However, Dessalines and Washington were opposites in many other ways.  When French soldiers committed atrocities against Blacks in Haiti, Dessalines ordered widespread massacres of White men, women and children in retaliation.  This created a culture of violence and revenge in Haiti.  When German “Hessian” soldiers murdered American soldiers who surrendered in Brooklyn Heights during the summer of 1776, George Washington treated those Hessians with leniency when he captured them that Christmas Day in Trenton.  This created a culture of forgiveness and reconciliation in America.

When Haiti won its war for independence from France in 1804, Jean-Jacques Dessalines had his army declare him Emperor for Life. He was not Emperor for very long.  He was murdered by his political opponents two years later, in 1806.  This gave Haiti a political culture of murder and deception.  George Washington voluntarily resigned as commander of the Continental Army and disbanded most of that army in 1783, when Britain recognized American independence.  He resigned as President after serving two four year terms.  This created an American tradition of peaceful transitions of power after fixed terms of office.

However, the biggest difference between Jean-Jacques Dessalines, a Black former slave, and George Washington, a White slave owner was how they dealt with slavery.

George Washington voluntarily freed his own slaves and supported the Declaration of Independence and U.S. Constitution which contemplated the “ultimate extinction” of slavery.  Meanwhile, as Emperor of Haiti, Jean-Jacques Dessalines, the Black former slave, brought slavery back to Haiti!  His government was so dependent on profits from sugar production that he forced newly freed Black slaves in Haiti to work as slaves for the new Black owners of sugar plantations. This was described as “curvee” (forced labor) or “caporalisme agraire” (agricultural militarism).

This is described in the Wikipedia article on Jean-Jacques Dessalines:

“Dessalines enforced a harsh regimen of plantation labor, described by the historian Michel-Rolph Trouillot as caporalisme agraire (agrarian militarism). As had Toussaint Louverture, Dessalines demanded that all blacks work either as soldiers to defend the nation or as laborers on the plantations, in order to raise commodity crops for export and to help sustain the nation. His forces were strict in enforcing this, to the extent that some blacks felt as if they were again enslaved.”

Click Here For Link To Full Wikipedia Article:  Jean-Jacques Dessalines – Wikipedia


This may explains why Black Americans are so much better off in a nation founded by a White slaveowner, than Black Haitians in a Black majority nation founded by Black man who had been a slave.  It may also explain how Black Americans, like all Americans, can improve their lives by using George Washington as a role model.

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2 thoughts on “‘Black Information Network’ (BIN) Radio Hurts All Americans By Trashing George Washington”

  1. iHeartMedia is the same company that runs both conservative and liberal viewpoints, so I am totally okay with it even if it may not particularly agree or align with my viewpoints (yeah, they’re pretty mainstream for a radio company, and most of their stations use DJs from other locations, but that’s a separate conversation). But… sheesh, I don’t know which is more propaganda… that BIN segment in question or this particular piece.

    On a separate note, I absolutely love how absolutely ANYTHING and/or EVERYTHING is made political. Like… yeah, everyone LOOOOOVES politics so let’s jam it down your throat. Let’s ban this or that and put people into jail because, oh…. I don’t know…we can. And the sad part is both major affiliations do it. Sadly that instead of interviewing or having a productive conversation everyone’s putting labels on each other, and that also goes for this website as well.

    The narrative needs to change and the temperature needs to be lowered… and quick.

  2. Every opinion piece Ive heard on BIN trashes Democrats. Guess they’re not the only ones guilty of having an agenda.

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