California “Green” Energy Disaster With “Smart Meter” Control Are Now In NJ

So-called “green” energy doesn’t work for many reasons.  Electricity is not created.  It is “transformed” from other forms of energy.  Electricity that is “transformed” from weak, intermittent, unreliable, and unpredictable sunshine and breezes is as weak, intermittent, unreliable, and unpredictable as the sunshine and breezes it is transformed from.  Weak, winter sunshine that cannot heat a house cannot produce enough electricity to heat a house. Occasional breezes that cannot consistently move a sailboat cannot produce enough electricity to consistently move a car.

Electricity from occasional strong sunshine and wind is often more than what is needed and must be “dumped” so it doesn’t damage the grid.  We do not have the technology or resources to make batteries big enough for an electric grid.

When there is not enough “green” energy, electricity from coal, natural gas, oil, or nuclear fuel must be generated.  Since nobody knows when the wind will slow down or a cloud will go by, generators must constantly burn coal, natural gas, oil, or nuclear fuel as back-up to be ready.  We are never told how much of that fuel is burned or how much it costs.

All of this basic science was once taught in every eighth and ninth grade in America.

Michael Shellenberger, author of Apocalypse Never, wrote that small nuclear reactors can be built almost immediately next to existing nuclear power plants, without  long design or permit delays.  He claims these power plants would provide the abundant, reliable electricity we need for less than the cost of expensive and unreliable wind turbines in the ocean.  Europe is now rapidly building such nuclear power plants to replace dependence on natural gas from Russia.

However, America is moving in the opposite direction.  We are shutting down clean and reliable nuclear and natural gas power plants. California has one of the most aggressive “green” energy agendas.

During the past few years, California shut down its most productive coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power plants.  It replaced them with weak, unreliable wind turbines and solar panels.  As a result, California does not have enough electricity to run its air conditioners during hot weather, or charge electric cars at night.  To stop people from using too much electricity, California encouraged people to install “smart meters” in their homes.  This allows the electric company or the government to limit or shut off electricity to any customer at any time.  During last week’s heat wave, those “smart meters” in California stopped people from setting their thermostats for anything lower than 78 degrees.

Here in New Jersey,  Governor Phil Murphy and his Democratic Party majority in the Legislature are also shutting down cheap and reliable coal, oil, natural gas, and nuclear power plants.  We are rapidly  replacing them with expensive, weak, and unreliable wind turbines and solar panels.

It is therefore no surprise that we are now also getting “smart meters” so that the government or electric company can cut down or shut off our electricity at any time.  Every customer of Atlantic City Electric received the following notice with his or her September electric bill:

“As part of our new Smart Energy Network, all Atlantic City Electric customers will receive new smart meters.  The upgrades will begin in September 2022, and we expect to have all smart meters installed by the fall of 2024. . .

“You will receive several notices prior to your meter upgrade to let you know how the process will work.  No action is needed on your part, and our installers will leave a doorhanger to let you know that thework is complete.

“If you decide you do not want to upgrade to a smart meter, you will need to contact Atlantic City Electric at 866-524-2982.  You will be charged a a recurring monthly fee of $15 for the cost of reading and maintaining your existing meter.

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1 thought on “California “Green” Energy Disaster With “Smart Meter” Control Are Now In NJ”

  1. Ralph V Harvey

    February 27, I received a letter from Atlantic City Electric informing me that a Smart Meter will be installed on my house “in the coming weeks.” Two days later, on February 29 at 11:43, I got a call from AC Electric saying that they will install a Smart Meter within the next 7 days. exactly 14 minutes later the door bell rang and a worker announced that he was here to install “my” Smart Meter. I said that I don’t want it and closed the door. How long will it take before they throw me in jail? I am an 85-year-old widower and have had heart surgery with four bypasses plus numerous other operations and procedures. My wife and I participated in a Liberty & Prosperity demo against these wind farms on the Boardwalk in Ocean City several years ago. (I can send a photo) This is how our NJ Governor Murphy treats senior citizens. We have no more rights!

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