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Energy Disconnect

  This is comical and typical and shows the complete disconnect between the self-anointed elite `energy experts’ and the reality of providing affordable and reliable energy. The first article in this Axios Daily Energy Newsletter (1) is `Ditching Coal is …

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More Green Job Wishes

  Will the forced energy transition to `green’ energy produced affordable energy and increase jobs and prosperity?  According to Applied Economic Clinic reports, the answer is YES. According to Alex Epstein’s well documented `Talking Points’ the answer is NO Applied …

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Gas Prices

  Congressman Donald Norcross (Congressional District 1) sent a message to his constituents on May 18 describing his plan to reduce gas prices.  The plan to tax `windfall profits’ and `price gouging’ does not increase supply, the real cause of …

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Biden Judge Nominee: “I Didn’t Mean It When I Said Police Kill Unarmed Black Men Every Day. I Said It As Rhetoric”.

The White House said 78% of Biden’s confirmed judges have been women and 53% were people of color. The one in the video was born in 1982 in Bangladesh to a Muslim family. No record of how many Biden nominations are foreign …

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EV Failure

  The Murphy Energy Plan to have 330,000 Electric Vehicles registered in New Jersey by 2025 has failed. The registration numbers will be far less. Why has the plan failed? People reject the electric vehicles as primary transportation because of …

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Oil and Gas Restrictions

Talking Points – Alex Epstein US Democrats are engaging in epic denial on oil and gasoline prices Politicians around the world, including US Democrats, have opposed and threatened the oil and gas industry’s existence. Now they are denying responsibility for …

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Delusional Ideology

  How is it possible that European countries, Germany especially, allowed themselves to become so dependent on an authoritarian country (Russia) over the 30 years since the end of the Cold War? Here’s how: These countries are in the grips …

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