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Gas Stove Ban

Calls to ban gas stoves are anti-science, anti-freedom, and anti-energy Instead of informing us with accurate science about gas stoves so we can make better decisions, anti-fossil fuel activists are distorting science Alex Epstein   Instead of informing us with …

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Christmas Blackout

Here is a climate cult article (1) that blames the threatened Christmas blackout on the consumer, and fossil fuels Industry.  It completely ignores the real blackout cause which is the increasing penetration of unreliable intermittent wind and solar replacing reliable …

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Unreliable Electricity

Just before Christmas the Grid regulator PJM sent out notice of a possible electricity blackout on Christmas or the day before and people should begin reducing their electricity use. Cold weather was allegedly the cause.  Fortunately, the blackout did not …

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Stop Prosperity

The Letter The climate cult leaders recently flew in their private planes to Egypt to meet and discuss the level of prosperity and human flourishing they will permit (1) western industrial society residents to have. This was a conference (COP …

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Food Production

Per Axios Many people around the world struggle with food insecurity as global warming and geopolitical unrest disrupt global food and agriculture supply chains. Join Axios for a virtual event exploring the opportunities and challenges of adapting food systems to …

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