Cold snap proves we need natural gas pipeline through Pinelands.

One month ago, ?dozens of environmental extremists packed public hearings to protest building one 24 inch pipe underground through ten miles of Pinelands to bring us cheap natural gas from Pennsylvania.? They said heating our homes with fossil fuels like natural gas was causing earth to get too warm. ? ?And that we didn’t need it because wind and solar energy were all we needed. ? But the “inconvenient truth” is that the earth is NOT getting warmer, and we can’t heat our homes with wind and solar energy. ? ?The left demands higher taxes and more government programs to help people pay high heating and electric bills. ? But they are the ones who made heating bills and electric bills so high in the first place! ? ?Seth Grossman, ? Executive Director @grossman4NJ

2 thoughts on “Cold snap proves we need natural gas pipeline through Pinelands.”

  1. 1. Correction – 22 miles of ecologically sensitive protected area, not 10
    2. Correction – it’s not the ‘heating of homes’ that causes global warming, it’s the combustion of fossil fuel to make electricity
    3. The pipeline is to deliver gas to an electricity power generator.
    4. The Earth IS getting warmer. This is not even remotely debatable, unless you are trying to set up a debate armed with cherry picked nuggets from the Koch-funded denial machine.
    5. Solar distributed generation when coupled soon with efficient and inexpensive storage is a game changer. It will give people like you Energy Liberty, and will allow you to off the ‘grid of government control’
    5. Wind and solar are here to stay. So is the horseless carriage.

  2. Just because they gave the “Pine Barrens” a new name, doesn’t mean there is anything ecologically sensitive there that is protected? Can you think of any significant animal or vegetable there that is not a whole lot more abundant somewhere else? Nobody denies that the earth has been getting warmer since the giant ice sheets which once covered New Jersey (and ground up the rocks that created our beaches) started melting 10,000 years ago. We deny that it is caused by Americans enjoying a comfortable, middle class lifestyle. The Russians depend on natural gas. The European democracies depend on wind and solar. We will soon see who will be better off. Visit our Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page.

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