Connie Martindale Got It Wrong. Socialism Is Selfishness.

Last June, Connie Martindale  of Ventnor published a letter in the Press of Atlantic City entitled “Selfishness greater evil than socialism”.  She claimed that while “selfishness” is evil, socialism is about “love”, “self-sacrifice” and “the holiness of caring for and protecting others”. 

Click here for “Selfishness greater evil than socialism” by Connie Martindale of Ventnor, NJ.

The truth is that socialism is the most extreme and evil form of selfishness.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “selfishness” as “being too much concerned with one’s own welfare or interest, with little or no care for others”.

Who is more selfish than someone who thinks he or she is so smart and virtuous that he or she is entitled to make the most important, personal decisions for other people he or she knows nothing about?

Who is more selfish than someone who uses that power to make decisions for others, without being in any way affected by the consequences of those decisions?

Who is more selfish than people who get rich from careers in politics or “public service”?  Especially those who get elected and re-elected by using government to take money from small groups of voters who don’t support them and give it to larger groups of voters that do

Who is more selfish than people who get rich from careers in politics or “public service” by telling voters to blame “somebody else” for every problem in their lives, and to expect “somebody else” to fix them?

Who is more selfish than people with more political power who use that power to use government to give them money taken from those with less power?

Who is more selfish than people with more votes who use their votes to take from others who have less?

Who is more selfish than people who think that by winning 51% of the vote, they have the right to control and steal from those who only win 49% of the vote?

Socialism is a political and economic system built on this type of selfishness.  Socialism is an evil form of selfishness because its advocates deny this.

Socialists falsely claim that those who embrace American liberty, freedom and personal responsibility are selfish.  They also invented the fake propaganda word “capitalist” to describe them.

The truth is that American liberty, freedom, and personal responsibility are based on basic Bible rules and values that limit and control selfishness.  They include “Thou shalt not murder, steal, testify falsely, or covet what belongs to your neighbor”.  They include “Love thy neighbor as thyself”.

Socialism has no such limits.  It encourages its believers to control and take from others “by any means necessary”.

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