Conservatives Debate Immigration

(Second Liberty Principle: Enforce federal immigration laws. No amnesty. Deport illegal aliens.)

Conservatives Debate Immigration

There are differences of opinion within the Conservative movement on immigration.? It is beneficial to hear the different positions fleshed out.?

?? Our position differs from many in the Conservative movement.? Our position is to enforce the current laws before we go about any reforms.

?? Should a Free Society Limit Immigration? is the topic of a great debate.? Enjoy.

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2 thoughts on “Conservatives Debate Immigration”

  1. As one that has lived in 4 countries and worked in 38 and traveled to 55, I find it amazing that we are the only country in the world that allows our borders to be so open. In most countries, sneaking over the border will get you placed in jail for a very long time up to and including death. If you want to come to the United States, get sponsored, get inline, go through the proper channels, get a job and learn both english and our culture.

  2. It is time to send them all home, we have given amnesty in the past and they still come acosrs our boarders. Send them all back home and tell them there are legitimate channels to come to the United States of America and if they come any way but through the proper channels they will be sent back home once again.I know that there are some businesses that think they have to have illegal immigrants to sustain their businesses and the Republicans are listening to them, I also know that the Democrats are thinking if they are given amnesty once again that they will surely vote for them in the next election cycle.I really do not care what the political reasons are for wanting to give amnesty, I just think they should all be sent home and told that there is only one way to come to this country and that is through a illegal avenue. Put up a fence and shoot to defend the boarder. Provide worker visas if needed but keep track of the people that have received these visas. Make sure they are paying taxes on the money they earn as well as the employers are paying their share of taxes and health care. There are already laws on the books; they just need to be enforced. If the employers are hiring illegal?s then shut down their plants until such time they comply with the laws and send anyone with phony papers back to where they came.

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