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Here is a great example of an effective letter to the editor:



A letter in last week?s edition stated, “Hypocrisy is indeed useful in so many ways.” It goes on, ?At least the Democratic Party, though far from perfect, is not owned by radicals and is more moderate and thus more representative of the general public.”


Wow. Is that the same Democratic Party that we see using the most vicious language (assassination type) and accusatory, without fact ads vs. Gov. Romney?

The president?s entire political life is associated with radicals, from communist Frank Marshall Davis to Rev. Wright, and his words of denouncing America. This country is more divided now because of race-related speeches given by this president, so that he can obtain votes in the upcoming election.

The writer of last week?s letter states that ?special interest lobbies should not trump the interests of the majority of American citizens,” period. If that isn?t the perfect storm of hypocrisy, I don?t know what is.

This president said before he began his term in office that there would be no special interest groups, period. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Since these groups must sign in at the White House, the Obama administration started to meet with them outside of the White House.

Nancy Pelosi, when she was the speaker of the House, said this administration would be the most transparent and honest since the presidency began. We?re still waiting, Nancy.

Exaggeration, blaming others, excuse upon excuse, outright lies, blaming President Bush ? I could go on and on. While Republicans are far from perfect, they are certainly closer than the Democrats are. Have you been better off the last four years or is it time to bring in a new team?

President Obama, you tried, thank you. Now you guys are out of excuses, ideas and gas, which by the way was $1.81 per gallon when Obama took over. You decide.

Nate Nathanson


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