Everyone is Talking About It … Except Us

The ‘everyone’ is the people and media in New Jersey.?? The ‘us’ is the people and media in the greater Atlantic City area.

The recently-appointed Commander of the Atlantic City Tourism District, Tom Gilbert, played a trick on the state retirement system that allows him to collect a $93,380 annual pensions while still working and earning an $80,620 annual salary.?? Tom Gilbert games the system and New Jersey taxpayers to the tune of approximately $174,000 annually as a “retired” law enforcement officer.

From NJ Watchdog:

Gilbert began his career in 1982 as a state trooper. Over the next three decades, he rose to #2 in command at the New Jersey State Police.?His salary as lieutenant colonel and deputy superintendent was $122,526.

He kept that rank when he was assigned as commander of the Atlantic City Tourism District in spring 2011. In hopes of cutting crime and luring more visitors, a new law created the district. ?It also gave the State Police authority to appoint a district commander to oversee plans for public safety around the casinos, boardwalk and other tourist attractions.

Gilbert retired from the State Police at age 52, effective Sept. 1, 2011. The same day he was back at work as tourism district commander.?However, state records now list him as sergeant investigator for the Division of Criminal Justice. Both DCJ and the State Police are divisions of Law and Public Safety Department, headed by the Attorney General.

The immediate net result was a $51,474 annual raise for Gilbert. Although his state salary decreased by $41,906, he started collecting a $93,380 state pension.

That?s not all.?For pension purposes, Gilbert?s final salary was reported as $134,200. That boost increased his pension benefit by roughly $8,000 a year for the rest of his life. He also pocketed $15,000 in unused sick leave for a job he never?actually left.

Gilbert could not be reached for comment.

Our comment is that this abuse is yet another reason why our fifth liberty point needs to be implemented – Post all government salaries, contracts, and budgets on the internet.

(Image source – http://www.gloucestercitynews.net/.a/6a00d8341bf7d953ef0134890b7b00970c-320wi)

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2 thoughts on “Everyone is Talking About It … Except Us”

  1. When is this guy going to start doing his job? The city looks and feels like a dump. It is perceived…with good reason…to be very unsafe. Thugs are permitted to roam unfettered making threats and worse to the people they encounter. Neither the city or the Special Toruist District seem to care. While those in Atlantic City wallow at the altar of political correctness, other venues are kicking A.C. to the curb as a place not to be. A.C. has far more to offer if the people supposedly in charge get off their well padded duffs and take charge to make this city safe. Until then, we are stuck with people like this man, taking advantage of the system while the area continues to deteriorate.

  2. We constantly hear of these abuses, but nothing happens to correct them. In the private working world, vacation pay and sick time pay is capped. Why won’t our elected leaders finally do what is right? Because they are the problem and they will finally get the same benefits. Wake up NJ!

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