Facebook Is Blocking Us From 80% to 90% Of Our Audience. Please Share Our Videos & Blog Posts To Work Around That. Thanks!

Like everyone, we occasionally make mistakes.  When we learn of them, we quickly take down fake-news posts and apologize when we do. However, the overwhelming majority of our posts are true and accurate.  We are punished mostly for sharing facts that are true, but not “politically correct”  We are also punished for sharing logical, well-reasoned opinions that disagree with those of their biased and ignorant hate-America, hate-Christians, hate-Republicans, hate-Trump, hate-Israel “fact-checkers”.

Notice also that our site is now suppressed for posting or sharing one or two “bad” articles every month.   We usually post roughly a dozen articles a day!  Our record of accuracy is far better than most “mainstream” news sites promoted by this platform!

We are actively exploring other platforms like Gab and Parler.  In the meantime, please visit our LibertyAndProsperity.com site several times each week.  Please share our videos and posts.  Just look for the “share” button on the videos, and the Facebook and Twitter icons at the bottom of all our Blog posts including this one.  Thanks.

Seth Grossman, Executive Director



(609) 927-7333

I and the rest of our group are volunteers.  We do our best to post truthful and accurate information.  However, we do make mistakes.  If you see anything posted on this site that is incorrect, or if you believe we have failed to post information on issues you think are important, please let us know.  Thanks.

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