Message for Stockton University Students and Independent-thinking Professors

Last year, we paid Yale Professor Akhil Reed Amar to speak to us last September on Constitution Day.

He talked mostly about the election.? Very little about the Constitution.

Professor Amar said Democratic President Obama was like Abraham Lincoln.? (He never said the truth–that? Lincoln was a Republican!) He said Donald Trump was like the ?Confederates? in the old slave South.? (He never said the truth–that the old slave-owners and KKK were Democrats!)

Professor Amar predicted colleges around the country would cause Democrat Hillary Clinton to defeat Republican Trump in the election just like Abraham Lincoln crushed the ?Confederates? during the Civil War.

Professor Amar was wrong. However Stockton never invited anyone else to give a different point of view. That’s why we are bringing to Stockton. You deserve to hear both sides. You deserve to hear the truth.

We are setting up meetings on the 2d and 4th Thursdays of every month, starting next Thursday.? February 23. We plan to meet from 4:15 PM to 5:15PM.? We will have pizza and drinks. We will announce the meeting room as soon as it is confirmed.

Can you help us get started??Modest stipends and scholarships are available for some assignments.

  1. Can you prepare simple flyers and announcements for the TV monitors? Nothing fancy. Our only graphics are images of the two goddesses on the New Jersey state flag:? Liberty and Prosperity.
  2. Can you help us work with Student Activities staff to post our flyers around campus, and on the TV monitors?
  3. Can you submit a short article for the Argo? Or to post on our, our LibertyAndProsperity Facebook page, or the Galloway Patch.
  4. Can you help us pick topics for the meetings? Which issues below interest you the most?? Which interest you the least? Which do you support? Which do you oppose? What important issues are missing?


  1. Americans were safer, and had better jobs when government enforced immigration laws.
  2. Stockton should spend less and cut tuition. It should not spend more to bail out Atlantic City.
  3. World climate has changed for billions of years. We should not kill jobs with high taxes, gas, and electric bills until we know more about what causes this
  4. Stockton Students who support Trump and traditional American and Christian values are often too uncomfortable to freely express their views. We need? more diversity of ideas on campus –not just diversity of race, nationality, and gender.
  5. Too many classes and programs at Stockton unfairly blame America for most problems in the world–and whitewash and glorify other countries and cultures that are responsible.
  6. What can we do so students don’t have to move out of New Jersey after graduation to find good jobs?

Would you like to help us put together other events?? If so, please contact Frank Perseo at (609) 703-0600? or

Do you know anyone else who may be interested?? If so, please forward this email to him or her and let us know so we can add that email to our list.

Are you getting this as ?spam? or ?junk???? If so, please ?whitelist? us.? Then please let us know, so we can fix some things at our end.?? Thanks.

You are also invited to visit the website and Liberty and Prosperity Facebook page of our parent organization located in Somers Point. You may also contact them directly at,

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