Fitzherbert Talking with Anne AUG 4, 2023

Brian Fitzherbert is featured guest on Anne Baker’s WOND radio show.

Fitzherbert Friday. Topics covered:

  • People fed up with what’s being done to Trump.
  • Two tier justice.
  • Hunter Biden corruption.
  • Biden Crime Family.
  • Dirty voter roles.
  • No voter signature verification.
  • Under cover of Covid.
  • Election irregularities.
  • Potential fraud.
  • Inflation. Interest rates.
  • NRA events. Gun control.
  • Ukraine proxy war.

1 thought on “Fitzherbert Talking with Anne AUG 4, 2023”

  1. Rosemarie Martelli

    Excellent comment. People should take the time to listen; they’ll learn a lot from Brian.

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