Fitzherbert Talking with Anne AUG 4, 2023

Brian Fitzherbert is featured guest on Anne Baker’s WOND radio show.

Fitzherbert Friday. Topics covered:

  • People fed up with what’s being done to Trump.
  • Two tier justice.
  • Hunter Biden corruption.
  • Biden Crime Family.
  • Dirty voter roles.
  • No voter signature verification.
  • Under cover of Covid.
  • Election irregularities.
  • Potential fraud.
  • Inflation. Interest rates.
  • NRA events. Gun control.
  • Ukraine proxy war.
  • Brian Fitzherbert

    Brian T. Fitzherbert is the vice-president and treasurer of Liberty and Prosperity. He also leads its breakfast discussions each Saturday in Somers Point. Fitzherbert also manages social media, radio messaging and special events for the organization. Since 2019, Fitzherbert has been a regular guest every Friday on “Talking with Anne” on WOND News Talk Radio.

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1 thought on “Fitzherbert Talking with Anne AUG 4, 2023”

  1. Rosemarie Martelli

    Excellent comment. People should take the time to listen; they’ll learn a lot from Brian.

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