For More Than 100 Years, Communists & Socialists Sold Their Horrible Product By Getting Celebrities To Endorse It.

#Communism is horrible product, but has the best sales people in the world.  For years, #Communists #Socialists and #NationalSocialists used M.I.C.E. (Money, Ideology, Compromise/Sex & Ego) to get actors, artists, athletes, & other clueless celebrities to endorse them. #NFL #NBA @LandP1776

Looking back, did anyone write about how famous black entertainers like Paul Robeson and Harry Belafonte were seduced or otherwise recruited into becoming hard-line pro-Stalin Communists in the 1930’s and 1940’s when they were young and starting out?

It took years for Communists in France to seduce Jane Fonda, the young celebrity daughter of Hollywood icon Henry Fonda.  During the late 1960’s, while just starting her movie career, Jane married her left-learning French director Roger Vadim.  There he introduced her to his circle of hard core Communist friends.

        Edward Bernays, the nephew of Sigmund Freud, is known as “the father of public relations”.  In 1928, he wrote the book “Propaganda” which described his most effective techniques.  One of was celebrity endorsements.  One year later, Bernays was hired by the American Tobacco Company, maker of “Lucky Strike” cigarettes.  At that time, there was a social taboo against women smoking cigarettes.  Bernays hired a number of attractive celebrity female models to smoke cigarettes in the 1929 Easter Parade in New York City.  They called cigarettes “torches of freedom” that celebrated equal rights for women.  This ad campaign was a spectacular success and large number of American women suddenly began smoking cigarettes. 

Colin Kaepernick may have been literally seduced by a Communist.  Nessa Diab is smart, beautiful and “woke”.  For years, she posted left-wing messages on social media which included an Instagram post praising Fidel Castro.  (  She wears short skirts, no hijab, and lots of make up to be thoroughly accepted in American society, yet repeatedly claims to follow “authentic Islam”.  This may seem like a contradiction,  but makes perfect sense to those who believe Jihad is the highest obligation of their “authentic” faith.  (

There is also no contradiction in supporting both atheistic Communism and “authentic Islam”. Communist regimes in Russia and China and radical Islamic terror organizations have supported each other since the 1940’s in “Wars of National Liberation” against Britain, France, and the United States.

It is also remarkable at how the careers and fame of people like Nessa Diab grow rapidly when they embrace and effectively promote hate-America causes.  Nessa Diab quickly found people eager to syndicate and promote her local San Francisco radio program nationwide– and to put her on MTV.  Then, she suddenly starting dating football players with the NFL San Francisco 49ers.

Nessa apparently dated linebacker Aldon Smith for two years from 2013 to 2015.  Then she switched to Colin Kaepernick.

One year later, at a pre-season game on August 26, 2016, Kaepernick got on one knee rather than rise for the national anthem while sitting on a sideline bench.  When a photo of this was picked up by the media, Kaepernick said “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color”.  The rest is history.

Colin Kaepernick and Nessa Diab.  Nessa , born in 1981 and now 39 years old quickly became a celebrity radio and TV star after openly supporting Islamic, Communist, and other hate-America causes.  Kaepernick did the same, shortly after dating her in 2015.

Did Kaepernick feel this way before he met Nessa Diab?   Did Nessa Diab decide to date NFL football players in general and Kaepernick in particular by chance?  Did Nessa Diab’s career advance so spectacularly by chance?  Or did she get support, connections, and opportunities from a network?

Are other sports celebrities getting “woke” on their own?  Or are they being actively duped and seduced by people who are very good at what they do?

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4 thoughts on “For More Than 100 Years, Communists & Socialists Sold Their Horrible Product By Getting Celebrities To Endorse It.”

  1. Back in 2016 when Kaepernick first sat during the National Anthem, I personally read more than a dozen posts citing Nessa Diab’s Instagram and other social media posts sympathizing with Fidel Castro’s Communist regime and Islamic extremists, and repeating their hate-America rhetoric. Now it seems all of Nessa Diab’s social media posts from then are gone, as are most of the articles I read back then. Iowa Republican Congressman Steve King who did an extensive interview on these posts is, of course, also gone. All I see left are a handful of articles. They include Pam Geller’s 2017 article, and and If anyone has access to a “Way Back Machine” app or any other way to get those old 2015 and 2016 posts, please let me know. Thanks. Seth Grossman

  2. So all you have is a couple of articles that references what Steve King said, and a blog writer that references Linda Sarsour and not Nessa Diab. Along with you saying you read certain things on her Instagram, but they aren’t there anymore and you don’t have any record of them at all. No credible news source for quotes regarding Fidel Castro or Islamic extremists. I looked for some, and was unable to find any.

  3. Three quick responses. I know for a fact that Nessa Diab did that Instagram post praising Castro & his regime because I saw it four years ago when those articles were first posted, and they have links to it. Instagram states the post was removed. If Nessa Diab is the Trojan Horse I think she is, it would be normal for her to scrub her social media of embarrassing posts as she becomes more mainstream and acceptable. It is also now normal for Facebook, Google, Wikipedia to alter history, just as George Orwell predicted in his novel “1984”. However, that was only a sideshow to my post. My main point was that Communists and enemies of America been actively recruiting artists, actors, athletes to endorse their horrible products for more than a hundred years. To avoid distracting from that main point, I changed my post to only refer to facts still posted online. Of course, if those posts disappear also, I may have to change my post again.

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