Taiwan (Free, Non-Communist China) is “Safe” from Coronavirus Without Shutting Down! Why Isn’t This Headline News?

Frequent, random temperature checks is one of 124 “action items” taken by Taiwan to make its 23 million people “safe” from the coronavirus.   Photo by NBCnews.

                Taiwan stopped the #coronavirus without shutting down their country.  Taiwan is Free China — the only province of China not conquered and occupied by the Communist regime on the Mainland.  What isn’t this national news?

Many of Taiwan’s 23 million Chinese often travel to the Communist Mainland where they have family and business.  Many attended the New Year celebrations in Wuhan.  Yet while the Mainland reports 81,000 coronavirus cases and 3,249 deaths, Taiwan has only 108 cases and one death.

This is far less than nearby South Korea with 51 million people, 8,565 coronavirus cases and 91 deaths.  New Jersey has 9 million people,  742 cases and 5 deaths.

Taiwan is designated by the US and most countries as “safe to visit” for #coronavirus.  It is also listed as one of the “safest countries in the world”.

Taiwan did not shut down any of its schools, businesses, factories, or public transportation.  None of its businesses or citizens need bailouts.

Taiwan did this by combining modern technology with centuries old “common sense” quarantine practices.

You probably don’t know any of this.   This story of Taiwan’t spectacular success appears on only two mainstream online news sites.    NBCnews on March 10, 2020.  And Business Insider on March 17.

It was NOT featured on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or NPR TV national TV or radio networks.  It was not reported by the New York Times or Washington Post.  It was not publicly praised or even mentioned by any U.S. public health officials.  Why?

The Communist regime of Mainland China claims Taiwan is a rebellious province.  It does not recognize Taiwan as an independent nation.  That is why Taiwan is banned from membership in the United Nations and most international sports, cultural, and health organizations.  For a period of time, Johns Hopkins University (JHU) even removed Taiwan from its online Coronavirus Interactive Dashboard Map.

For years, the Chinese Communist regime used bribes and threats to influence corporations, Hollywood, celebrities, politicians, and international organizations all over the world.   This is described https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/sep/20/book-review-deceiving-the-sky/.

This is why Hollywood never made a movie about the mass murder that took place at Tiananmen Square in 1989.  See also https://www.dailysignal.com/2014/06/04/hollywood-hasnt-made-tiananmen-movie/.  This is described in a video lecture on Communist China’s Hidden War on the Free World by Sebastian Gorka. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_Qn0rwOJ9t0.  (Also click image at bottom of article)

This explains why the Chinese Communists regime has enormous undue influence with the US news media and many current and former US politicians and top government and corporate leaders.

Is there any other explanation for why our media and top public health officials would not want to praise and learn from Taiwan’s spectacular success in controlling the coronavirus?  Why else would they put the health and lives of Americans in danger?

Taiwan routinely monitors temperatures of people at airports, banks, and other public places.  Those with fever are stopped and examined.  Photo by NBCnews.

   Here is what Taiwan did.  It is still not too late for us to follow its example.

Taiwan began inspections of passengers on flights from Wuhan on December 31.  That was the same day Communist China reported that it had “several cases of an unknown pneumonia” there.  Two weeks later, Taiwan sent medical experts to study the disease in Wuhan.   Days later, Taiwan monitored every person who had been to Wuhan, and every person each of them had contact with.

Taiwan identified its first case of coronavirus on January 21.  Everyone found to be at risk of infection was given mandatory home quarantine, even those who were not sick.  Their locations were checked by mobile phone.  Anyone who ignored quarantine orders, failed to report symptoms, or lied about their contacts was fined heavily.   One man who falsely denied having symptoms and who went to a dance club the next day was fined $10,000.

Taiwan also re-tested at-risk people who tested negative the first time.  The government also increased productions of surgical masks.   The public was also informed by TV and radio to wash hands frequently and when to wear a mask.  They were also urged to take the temperatures of all family members frequently, and to promptly report any symptoms.

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