Seth Grossman Podcast: Gay Marriage, Drag Queens, “Woke” Hate

We have a sign on our building in Somers Point that says, “Do More Than Vote”, Help and support Liberty and Prosperity, and it gives our phone number.

Talk with a Purpose. DEC 17 2022 John DeMasi. WPG Radio. Seth Grossman.

Last night, call from Eileen. She said, I’m in the parking lot across the street looking at your sign.

Can you please tell me about this Liberty and Prosperity. I said it’s a little complicated. The best thing: Go to our website, and we explain everything there.

Can you tell me a quick summary?

I said, we’re sort of like a Tea Party group, but we started long before the Tea Party and Obama.

Well I’m hanging up. I don’t want any part of your hate. I’m a progressive, and my daughter is a progressive. You are despicable people.

How can you possibly say I hate anything. You know nothing about me and nothing about our group. Why do you think we hate anybody? Click. She hung up.

Three minutes later, she calls back. “I looked up your website. Your name is Grossman isn’t it. I bet you’re Hasidic. Are you? I said I’m not Hasidic but I am Jewish. How can you be with those hateful people after what they did to your ancestors. You are a disgrace.

Don’t think because you are with them today, they won’t come after you today. Hung up.

Hate propaganda is an evil form of propaganda, where the purpose is to persuade you that anyone who has a different opinion is evil and doesn’t
deserve the same rights as anyone else.

Marriage is a contract between two people, and in America, nobody cares what two people do with each other in their own home.

The problem is that people also have a right to have their own personal opinions on the subject. So if somebody doesn’t want to celebrate a same sex marriage, they don’t have to. They don’t have to perform a ceremony, have the ceremony take place in their church or synagogue, make a custom cake, or a flower arrangement. And that is what the so-called respect for marriage act is all about. Forcing people to praise, or celebrate, or participate in something they don’t believe in.

So why did Democrats push through this gay marriage law. They deliberately wanted to do something so extreme, that Christians,
conservatives, and Republicans would have to vote against it. Then, Democrats could call us haters and bigots.

That’s why when Biden signed it into law, he had drag queens there. Why were drag queens there? Drag queens are adult entertainment. They are the equivalent to strippers and pole dancers in the heterosexual world.

Would you have pole dancers and strippers at a heterosexual wedding? No. At a bachelor party or a bachelorette party maybe? But not the wedding.

Liberty and Prosperity Straw Poll: 15 people
a. Trump 10 (67%)
b. DeSantis 4 (27%)
c. Undecided 1 (7%)

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  1. Great example of those that do not care about, or want to hear, anyone else’s opinion – if it does not line up with theirs. Many are not thinking for themselves nor are they willing to be exposed to truth. They could explore different sides of an issue, and authenticate what is being offered by the “other”, but it is easier to just cut the “other” off and not consider any information, or historical evidence, contrary to their – often twisted – belief. Very foolish.

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