“Global Warming” (called “Climate Change” since people noticed earth getting colder) going on for billions of years.

“Climate Change” ?was going on when Pennsylvania was tropical jungle billions of years ago and giant glaciers covered New Jersey during Ice Age. “Progressives” falsely blame this on Americans today to advance their political agenda of more government control and less personal freedom. ?Building pipeline over shortest, cheapest, and most direct route from Pennsylvania gas fields to power plant by Parkway Exit 29 would not harm planet and be easier and safer to inspect and fix. ?South Jersey needs cheap natural gas for affordable heat and electric bills–and jobs. Windmills and solar panels already tripled our electric bills, and still can’t heat homes or power factories in winter. “Progressives” cut our income, raise our expenses, and then blame our poverty on the “rich”, when only people getting rich these days are insiders who support “Progressive” politicians. It’s time for union members to wake up and see where their “Progressive” union bosses are taking them. See http://www.app.com/article/20140109/NJNEWS/301090152.

Also, thanks to Kevin Mauro for posting this on Facebook today: ? ? “I just remind people about Glen Rock NJ. The town of Glen Rock was settled around a large boulder, weighing 570 tons left by retreating glaciers in a small valley (glen). From a 1985 article in The New York Times, ?’Glen Rock is named for a 570-ton boulder, believed to have been deposited by a glacier, that stands at the northern end of Rock Road, the town’s main street. Called Pamachapura, or Stone from Heaven, by the Delaware (Lenape) Indians, it served as a base for Indian signal fires and later as a trail marker for colonists.,’ ? The Ice has been on the retreat way before this lie (that Americans today are responsible for climate change) was being told”. ? ?Seth Grossman, Executive Director @Grossman4NJ.

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2 thoughts on ““Global Warming” (called “Climate Change” since people noticed earth getting colder) going on for billions of years.”

  1. Sterling Brown

    To anyone who thinks the change in world climate, and the rise in sea levels, is not related to the burning of fossil fuel, I suggest a reading of High Tide on Main Street by John Englander. Mr. Grossman’s attempt to answer scientific questions with political answers is completely unconvincing in the face of the evidence presented in this book. It is unfortunate that intelligent individuals like Mr. Grossman refuse to use that intelligence to help find solutions to perhaps the most serious set of problems to ever face mankind. As long as this nonsensical “debate” continues, no substantial solutions will be decided upon, much less implemented. Future generations will not look back on us kindly. They will see us for the greedy and self-centered, and very spoiled, individuals that we are. All of these questions are very complex, and require sensible attention, not close-minded political posturing. Yes, the gas pipeline might be a good idea, but fracking causes much release of methane, which is far more detrimental to the atmosphere than is CO2. When I read the comments of people like Mr. Grossman, I wonder if they are ignorant of the facts or if they are being deceptive for their own ends. Ends which I believe are narrow and short sighted. There is more at stake here than political orthodoxy. We will sink or swim together.

  2. John Englander is a distinguished oceanographer, and nobody denies that ocean levels have risen since the end of the Ice Age, and that Noah’s Flood may have actually been caused by the Mediterranean spilling into once fertile farmland that is now the Black Sea 6,000 years ago. The oceans have been rising and falling for billions of years. I was just in parts of Arizona that were once covered with water. However, the science is NOT settled as to what is causing the seas to rise now, and there is some evidence of more ice in the Arctic during the past few years. The air is cleaner now than it has been in more than 100 years. It is certainly a lot cleaner here in free enterprise countries than in the communist countries so admired by the left. Humans have been adapting to climate changes since Noah built his boat, and we had to find something else to eat besides woolly mammoths after the Ice Age. Sterling Brown calls those of us who disagree with him are “nonsensical”, “greedy”, “self-centered” or “very spoiled”. If the science were really that certain, the left would persuade us, and not bully us. They would not have to viciously fire and deny funding to any scientist who dares to disagree. Sterling also ignores the fact that while he and his “enlightened” and “caring” elites may claim they want to live pre-industrial, stone-age lifestyles, the Russians, Chinese, Indians, and Iranians may not feel that way. With Europe and America too poor to defend ourselves, what will stop them from building advanced weapons and armies strong enough to attack and defeat us? Seth Grossman.

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